Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little of this…

and a little of that.

Workouts: Saturday-Walked about 7 miles at Ken’s race, Sunday-Went for a 45 minute bike ride! Monday-30 minutes of elliptical and an upper body weight workout.

First off, Happy Easter. The weather this weekend was pretty fantastic (I have the sunburn to prove it….okay, just the part of my neck that wasn’t covered.

Let’s start with Saturday. Ken and Colin had races so we headed into Boulder bright and early. Not going to lie, it killed me that everyone was either on their bikes or going for a run. Heal back, heal!

Jasper and I got to hang out with Errin (and Jasper got to run with her) for most of the day. It was awesome. The racing was a blast to watch (road bikes on dirt-always fun). Ken did great and took 6th place in his race…. a great way to start the new season! Tim raced in the pro race so that meant that we got to hang with Lauren too! Great Saturday.

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Post-race, we jetted out of there to head to the dog park for the Dog Easter Egg Hunt. It was amazing. Really! I think I had more fun than Jasper. I kid! Jasper loved every minute of the hunt and found a ton of eggs-and then figured out that he could open them to get the treat out!


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We may have been exhausted by the time we made it home…so we crashed on the couch after dinner and watched a movie. What’s your number?

Sunday, we got up a bit early so Ken could take Jasper to the park while I hid eggs and started breakfast. And then the search was on!



Yes, I did hide an egg in my Cascadia’s…he had to figure out which one!




We had a lovely time at church followed by our respective rides (it felt amazing to be out!) and then a delicious dinner with Errin, Colin and Gayle. Jasper provided the entertainment.

Yesterday was filled with some cleaning and other exciting things like that. Ken and I had an impromptu date last night when we headed out to look at rooftops (we were checking out shingle colors for our pending roof repair.

And tonight….we are headed out on a date. Woohoo!! More on that tomorrow!!

Hope you had an amazing Easter!!!