Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a Little Sleep Deprived

Workouts: Saturday-1 hour bike ride…eek! Sunday-15 minutes on the elliptical. Monday-30 minutes of elliptical and an upper body workout. Today-going for a trail walk.

Guess what Friday is?!?!?! 6 weeks post-back injury!!! That means this girl will be giving jogging a shot this weekend…but more on that later.

Let’s just do some weekend recap-ing for now!

Friday: Um, we got a new roof-in one day. We were out late that evening hanging with Errin and Colin and magically we returned to a new roof. Because of our crazy winds this winter, we just had to pay our deductible and insurance covered the rest.

Saturday: Attempted to sleep in, but that husband of mine had breakfast ready just after 7. So much for sleep! We had a lovely day that included rides for both him and I. On mine, I managed to get hit on…while riding…didn’t even know that was possible. It felt awesome to be on the bike and I even did some standing on the little climbs. Sweet success.


Hello shiny, sweaty face! Cool shades Winking smile

I had spent the morning cleaning, so post-ride I took it pretty easy. We had a lovely dinner and I tried to nap on the couch (which didn’t work well-normally I pass out as soon as I sit down). At 10:45 I started to prepare for my evening plans.

From 11:30 to 4:10 am I served food to a bunch of HS students at their afterprom event. I really didn’t even know these things existed, but it was amazing!

Sunday: I got home at 4:30 and fell into bed. The problem: I had had coffee at 11:30 and chocolate ice cream at 2:30…so sleep evaded me. I fell asleep around 5:15 and woke up at 6:45-what is wrong with me!?

I made breakfast while Ken took Jasper out and then I went to church while Ken rode (he had to beat weather-although the winds were insane!).

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging and doing taxes (procrastinate much?). We made it to the gym in time for a super brief workout and some much needed jacuzzi time!

Monday: Ken let me stay in bed until 8 (Heaven)…and then I did the normal Monday Madness-cleaning, shopping, etc. I did manage to get out and pick up my bridesmaid dress for L’s wedding in July….oh and I hit the gym. Come on Friday!

Today: Work work work….and then hitting Marshall Mesa with Jasper while Ken rides.

And I think we are taking advantage of a tax day special at Rock Bottom tonight. $10 for a burger and a beer….sold!

Cant wait to tell you what this weekend has in store!!!!