Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Workouts: Thursday-Elliptical 20 minutes, bike 10 minutes, upper body weights. Today: eh, up in the air.

Yesterday was not my most favorite day of the week….people were just mean. How rude!

At the dog park, a German Shepard thought it would be fun to run straight into Jasper….twice! Jasper even yelped an cowered and the owner did NOTHING. So I started yelling and the guy finally called his dog. At which point he began to make excuses for his dog and started following me around trying to talk to me. I made it clear that he and his dog should just give us some space and the rest of the time he was fine.

We will NOT be going back to that dog park….it is one that I thought would be fun to try to mix things up for Jasper, but never again.

Patients were in weird moods too…don’t know what it was?!

At least the weather was beautiful and I had my furball to keep me company….


Although he doesn’t look too excited about me going all paparazzi on him.

I did get to watch The Passion of the Christ last night with some of my favorite kiddos (as in high school). Such an amazing and intense movie-completely set the mood for Easter weekend!

Today I am enjoying Good Friday by….working. At least people seem happy that it is Friday!

And now…for my exciting weekend plans (that are actually exciting!).

Tomorrow is Ken and Colin’s first race of the season!!!! I am pretty excited to bust out my cheering voice! We will be spending the morning in Boulder for their race and then….dun dun dun….

We will be taking Jasper to a Dog Easter Egg Hunt. Judge away.

Paws in the Park

I die!

He is going to have a BLAST…I just know it!!

**On a special note….Happy Anniversary to Errin and Colin!!!! We love you guys!!!