Friday, April 20, 2012

Days are Longer

when you have something exciting to do after work!

Workout: Packing…and sitting in the car for 2.5 hours this afternoon-but tomorrow…all bets are off!

Last night I got home from work (and the grocery) at about 10:15. Side note: awesome time to shop-there was no one there! It would have been lovely if all I had to do was fall into my bed, but alas…no such luck.

Ken and I spent the evening getting all of our stuff together for our little trip down to Pueblo with E and C (and Jasper). We are leaving directly from work, so this morning the alarms went off at 5:30 to encourage us to drag our behinds out of bed….I didn’t make it until 5:45ish.

But….we got everything loaded and left the house 15 minutes before we had even planned on it (glad I stayed in bed!).

Tomorrow Ken and Colin will be racing the Voodoo Fire. A 44 (or 66-Ken still hasn’t decided) mile mountain bike race around the reservoir. Errin and I will be doing what we do best-handing bottle and possibly spraying them with cold water-it is supposed to be 78* and sunny!


Stolen from the race website

We are also planning on getting our run on…although mine may be a mix of run/walk/prance. I am so excited to hit the 6 week mark and get back into things. Now to combat rehab pace and stretching-growl.

So excited!

It has been a busy morning with patients and I am trying to make it until 11:30 before I bust out my lunch. Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday!!