Thursday, March 15, 2012

Working…but not Out

Workout: Treating patients…ouch.

Ken and I had a wonderful anniversary celebration last night: Dinner at Rock Bottom where I got into it with a manager (Ken enjoyed the show), FroYo at Red Mango (it had been way to long) and then me laying with my butt between the ottoman and the couch for Survivor and One Tree Hill. Sexy.

Is anyone watching One Tree Hill? I am counting it as a workout because my heart rate was elevated the.entire.time. Scary much?!

So after going to bed at 9:30, I was still unable to unglue myself from the bed this morning. I was completely awake…you can ask Ken…but the thought of moving made me want to vomit. I miss my normal sore from working out pain…this pain sucks.

Jaspy and I spent the morning doing what we have done best for the last 5 days….nothing. He decided he would be cool and ventured outside to play in the nice weather….


Look at that gorgeous green brown grass. Come on Spring!!!

I have yet to put on real pants and am currently treating patients in workout pants. I am done with 4 of 8 and none of them seemed to care. They were more concerned with the fact that they may have to pick me up off of the floor.

No Big Deal.

On another note…I made sure to glare at everyone I saw running on my way to work today….and gave an extra glare to everyone on bikes. Yes, Ken, I will glare at your bike too.

Looking forward to hanging out with some awesome students from 7-9 tonight….maybe I will be laying on the floor by then….