Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Years

Workout: Walked around Home Depot. Yikes.

Three years ago I married my best friend….KEN! I would say that it was the best day of my life, but every day since has been just as amazing.


Thank you for being my favorite person in the whole wide world.

Thank you for being someone who encourages me in everything I do.

Thank you for being a Godly man who is not afraid to share what he believes.

Thank you for being a husband who provides for me in every way.

Thank you for being there to push me out of bed at 5 am to hit the gym.

Thank you for being the best doggie daddy.

Thank you for being you….I love you!






Today I stayed home again to let my back rest. I am going to try to work tomorrow…fingers crossed.

While sitting at home, I got to stare at the new pink bar tape that Ken gave me for our anniversary…as well as the link to my new trail running shoes. Both are forms of temptation at the moment, but once my back heals I cant wait to use both!

Thanks for all of the amazing anniversary gifts from our wonderful families! We received the most beautiful Hawaiian flowers from R and R….


(and that is only half of them..I divided them up into 2 vases!)

And will be venturing to Rock Bottom for dinner thanks to F and B.

You guys are the best!

I also received the sweetest  Get Better Soon flowers from Millicent. They completely brightened up my day!!


Okay…better venture to the shower!