Thursday, March 22, 2012

And I'm Back...kinda

Howdy! It has been FOREVER and this time it wasn't my fault!

Last Friday while I was laying on the couch looking up stupid stuff on the internest healing, my computer decided to crash. Ouch! Not only was it $200 to fix (ouch again), it meant that I was sans computer until....TODAY. Almost a week later. We took it to Best Buy (because they speak computers and I clearly do not) and luckily they were able to save everything! Whew...guess I better start backing things up!

So....that said....I am back to the basics. I cannot seem to find Windows Live Writer on my computer anywhere and am using Blogger....I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the WLW! I promise I will work on finding that later. For now, just a few highlights from my week hiatus....

*Breaking your back is a major bummer. I am so annoyed with my inability to do anything!
*The weather has been spectacular and I have taken Jasper to the dog park a bajillion times in the last week.
*This weekend there is a possibility of seeing 80 degrees-you can bet I will be outside doing something.
*I have "worked" a bit and have also enjoyed time at home recovering. 
*I need to find a job that I can do from home-because being there is the
*I was so bored that I joined the world of Twitter. I still have no idea how to use it.
*I have been to a baseball game and my first Track meet ever. I wish I loved running in high school.
*I desperately want to deep clean my entire house.  SO.BAD.
*Workouts have included 2 LIGHT upper body workouts-as in 5 lb free weights... and walking in the pool (getting passed by people 3 times my age).

And that about sums up the excitement. Didn't miss much.
Now I must get back to work....BLECH!
I will post some pics when I get WLW back up and running!!