Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vacations Rock my World

Aloha for Oahu!! It is currently cloudly and rainy….but in the 70s!!!

Workouts: (Have not been too impressive!) Friday-Took the dogs on a 45 minute hike with my Mom. Today: Ken and I went on a 5 mile run-part of it in the sand.

I have no pictures because my camera is in the car and Ken drove away with it. They do exist and I promise to share!!

Let’s have some highlights:

*We got up to leave town at 4:45 on Thursday only to discover that a freak snow storm had closed the rode we needed to get out of town! It didn’t open until 10:30. Nothing like a 5 hour delay!

*We were in the car for 19 hours on Thursday but finally made it to Cali around 1:00 their time.

*I could not sleep because of the insane amount of sugar and caffeine I had ingested to stay awake for the drive and ended up getting 2 hours of sleep. Ouch. (Can you say In-N-Out shake at 8:30 at night…oh yeah!).

*Jasper, Jack and Rusty adore each other and had the best time meeting and playing!!! So awesome!!

*Went out for a hike and wore SHORTS and a TANK TOP. Maybe went into shock a bit about that one!!

*Had an amazing day shopping with my Mom and Ken. Lunch at Yakis. YUM.

*Spent the evening having a delicious meal (um, lobster and steak, oh my).

*Got to hang with Jeff, Karina, Jillian, Alle and her BF Troy.

*Suzi got a new windshield….Thanks, Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Enjoyed more time watching Rusty and Jasper love each other! To the point where Rusty tried to sleep with us but just cried at Jasper to wake up-so we had to kick him out!

*Flew to Hawaii!!! And met up with Rene’ and Robert!

*Visited Pearl Harbor and went aboard a submarine. Completely amazing!

*Had a phenomenal dinner (mine was spinach and mushroom stuffed salmon).

*Passed out in bed only to have Ken wake up at 3:00 (because it would be 6 our time).

*Stayed in bed until it was light enough to run….went 5 miles, hip felt pretty decent.

*Had coffee with R and R.

*Went to breakfast and had amazing food (I think this is a trend!). Mimosas…wow were they good! Walked there!

*Hit up Costco and Walmart on our way to the North Shore.

*Currently enjoying siting inside enjoying the rain while Ken and Rob are nuts and are paddle boarding!

Pictures and more excitement to come!!!