Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shades of Pink

9 days….until VACATION TIME. Much needed vacation time!!

Recap of the past couple of days…

Saturday: I blogged. Impressive, I know. While I was blogging, Ken was on his bike knocking out an hours worth of intervals. I was still in my bathrobe and PJs because I am a really hot, sexy wife.


Jasper was more on my level….


After his “pre-workout” workout Ken joined me for 4.7 miles of fun-filled snow running. Nothing like slipping and sliding to keep things exciting.

At least Jasper dressed for the occasion… 


He is a pretty cool cat dog!

We also hit the gym for some weight work (and I finished 1.3 miles to complete my 6!). Good times!!

Sunday: Church..with Ken! He went out for a 4+ hour ride in the freezing cold following the service (and driving home to pick up a forgotten front tire…oops!). Such a rock star!! Jasper and I went for a lazy 3.5 mile run (again, in the snow) to the dog park. He was pretty happy. And then the hot tub beckoned….

Monday: Usual craziness. On an exciting note, I got the first week of workouts for my training plan!! I am training for the Sage Burner-a 25k trail race in Gunnison, CO and for the Teva Mountain Games Trail 10k….which happen to be 5 days apart. Awesome.

When I talked to my running coach, E, she said she would incorporate my weight workouts and some cycling (since I am hoping to do a couple of bike races too). So….the majority of my workouts will be based off that! But I may have to throw in a little more “recreational” exercise!

My first “training” workout was a 5 mile run plus my normal arm  weight workout. Jasper did the run with me and it was extra tough with the melting snow. Oh, and almost getting a ticket for having him off leash. Oops! It felt good to have a plan again!

This morning, Ken and I woke up at 5 for our Valentine’s Day trip to the gym. My workout included 30 minutes on the bike and legs + core. Followed by a glorious egg, bacon and Nutella toast breakfast made by my wonderful husband.

Now we are just trying to make it through the day in order to get home for our steak dinner! I am maybe salivating thinking about it!

And trying to figure out how to turn this…


into a beautiful Valentine’s day card…

Hawaii instead of gifts…my kind of Valentine’s Day!!