Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lazy Mornings are the BEST

Happy Weekend Smile

I hope that everyone is off doing wonderfully fun things.

Yesterday Ken and I ventured up to Ski Cooper to watch some downhill ski racing. Our friend A was participating and it was great to get a chance to watch her.

Not to mention the fact that the snow was great and there were exactly 14 other people on the mountain (or at least it felt that way).

Ski Cooper is pretty small with only 2 lifts, but it was a blast. I really enjoyed the terrain (even if Ken decided the first run down should be a black diamond…boys).

We had a little picnic for lunch at the car….


The day started off at 8 degrees, but at least the sun was up to keep us pretty warm.

Thanks Errin for stopping by to play with our little buddy while we were out!

We finished up the day by being lazy and picking up Papa Murphy’s pizza and Something Borrowed from Redbox. It felt awesome to chillax on the couch with the boys!

This morning, er afternoon…day, has started out quite lazily. Normally we have our workouts done by now, but it is 19 whole degrees outside and I really want to get out for 6 miles….so we are waiting for at least 24 degrees. That will be downright balmy!

I am prepping by rocking my new CEP compression sleeves!004005

They are amazing! I loved rocking my compression socks all last year during marathon training….but really like to have my feet free. This should be a match made in heaven!! I will let you know how much I adore them soon, I’m sure!!

Jasper is pretty excited about them too Winking smile


I am for real about to jump back on the running wagon. I let my awesome coach know my goal races and she is setting up a program for me. Excited to share it with you!!

Better get to those homemade pretzels….if I can quit being so lazy!

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