Friday, February 17, 2012

In one week…

we will be waking up in Cali!!

Workout: Yet to come…5 miles of easy running (hopefully outside). Ken is going to drop me off 5ish miles from home-that way I don’t have a choice!

So, yesterday was a bit insane. I could barely take 5 minutes to breathe, let alone eat!

I think Jasper could sense the chaos because he wouldn’t even eat his cookies! Sympathy move, I ‘m sure!


Between meetings, name badge making, fun patients, jerk patients and coffee night with the High Schoolers…I could barely keep my eyes open come 9:30.

Ken managed to get a cycling workout done during the day-yay him! And then was sweet enough to hang out with me and the teens for a while!

Somehow, Jasper did talk me into taking him to the dog park for 10 minutes! Thankfully it is very close to my office. Thankfully!

And today…things are lighter. Working (in one place!), running and catching up on some TV shows-if I don’t fall asleep before 8.

We have a completely bananas weekend too…complete with…some awesome workouts, cupcake making, lesson writing, a five hour bike ride (Ken, not me…I would die), teaching at church, some errands, a baby shower, a church dinner and who knows what else?!

Good thing we have a vacation coming up Open-mouthed smile