Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Whole Lotta….

Working out!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that you had a blast of a weekend. For me, it was one giant workout!! And I loved every minute.

Let’s start with Friday….After finishing a day in the office, I booked it home to drop off the pup before joining Errin for a sand workout. My feet wanted to know what happened to shoes and my legs wanted to know what happened to a stable surface. In other words, it was great! I did (the non-volleyball) drills with them for about 40 minutes before heading to the gym for my (already planned) upper body workout. I was pretty shot by the time I got home (read: went to bed at 9).


Indoor beach volleyball…who knew?!

Saturday…I met up with Errin and Ken met up with Colin and we went out on the Cyclocross bikes! Oh my goodness….I had so much fun. We rode for about 2.5 hours at a pretty good pace. My legs were pretty tired at the end. So…..I took Jasper out on a 3.5 mile jog to the dog park-he begged. Ken and I made sure to hit up the hot tub at the end of the day!

Sunday….OFF DAY! And much needed. I was exhausted. Rented a movie (Moneyball) and just enjoyed some downtime.

Monday….Ken had Jury Duty but didn’t end up being called, so we had a nice spontaneous part.of.the day together. We ventured to the gym for our respective workouts…arms for me and then he took me to Valmont to work on my bike handling skills….



Let’s just say they need a LOT of work. At the beginning, I was completely incapable of making a right hand turn. Okay-I can turn right, like on a street…but around a banked turn, no such luck!

Ken was insanely patient with me. I did a lot of things “wrong” but he just kept at it….and by the end, I was turning right, albeit slowly.

When we got home (after eating of course) all I wanted to do was lay on the couch. I maybe did for a minute before conquering some “To Do’s” around the house. Clean sheets-booya!

This morning, Ken and I got up at 5 to visit the gym. We each groggily made it through our workouts…and with a busy day at work thus far, I am hoping not to fall asleep on my last patient….no promises! Better get back at it! Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!!!