Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions VS To Do List

Hi there! First off, it isn’t even fair that this is my view driving between my 2 jobs. You would think everyday was a vacation!


You can be a little jealous-it sure beats the 405!

On another awesome note…I found a pair of jeans that fits!!!! Now this may seem like a “whatever” moment to some of you…but I tried on close to 30 pairs of jeans to find them.

I should have known that they would be Sevens. I have a pair (that now have a nice sized whole in the, er, crotch) that I have had for about 5 years + and I still rock them as my most favorite pair of jeans ever. Ken spent the day slaving away shopping with me in Cherry Creek before we made our way to the Aurora Nordstrom Rack. It is an AMAZING store-I want to go back (and I don’t say that about clothes stores lightly).

Of course, I am wearing said jeans today and I just cant get enough of them. Don’t judge me if Ken takes a picture of me wearing them as pajamas.

Today is my (and Ken’s) first day back at work after a week off. I am a little amazed at how much there is to do when you get back from a vacation (maybe because we don’t take many vacations-and they normally surround a bike race). I have literally been trying to catch up on things all day and am barely breaking even.

That takes me to the title of this post. Resolutions VS To Do Lists. I have resolved to write out some resolutions (but haven’t had time-bad sign?). But half of my resolutions are things that I could check off on a To Do list. So….are they still resolutions? I know there are some things I can work on doing better…Being a better wife, doctor, youth leader, house cleaner, blogger, non-procrastinator. But there are also things that I want to resolve to DO: Paint my cabinets, refinish my kitchen set, organize our office, etc.

My question is: Can your resolutions be things that you can check off?

And with that….I am going to take a free 5 minutes to try to put together my combo list (I think I need categories and subcategories!).

See those 4 miles I ran yesterday? Ken and Jasper ran them with me. Best way to end our vacation!! Already loving 2012!!