Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little bit Muddy

Oh, hello Tuesday-where did you come from?

Did everyone have a great weekend? Ours was great…but went (per usual) way too fast.


Saturday: Ken and Colin went on a 3 hour and 45 minute ride. NBD. Errin and I took advantage of the time and went for a 4 mile run plus went to the gym and did an upper body workout and hit the jacuzzi.

Later in the day, it began to snow…and what better way to spend a snowy afternoon than to get your nails done! Errin was sweet enough to give me a gift certificate for a manicure-and a shellac manicure at that! It has been 3 whole days and nothing has chipped. This stuff is serious!! I went with a nice purple-I will try to snap a picture at some point.

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing my lesson for Sunday and prepping for Lauren to come over for dinner. Homemade pizza-my favorite!

Sunday: Taught at church before heading home to do some cleaning. We watched the Cyclocross Nationals and it made me want to ride my bike! So I did…with Ken! He was super sweet and let me tag along on his ride. It was about 17 miles of fun (except taking my road bike through the mud and literally coming to a complete stop). Thanks for riding slow enough for me to keep up!!

Post ride, we headed to the Rec Center for the sole purpose of hitting up the jacuzzi-for like 25 minutes. It was a great way to warm up!

Once home, we turned on the Bronco game to catch the last quarter. It was so exciting. Best overtime win, ever!! Love Tebow!!!

Monday: In addition to all of the normal Monday craziness (cleaning, laundry….) I managed to add in: Acupuncture, taking Ken a latte, a 3 mile muddy, snow…disgusting but awesome trail run with Jasper and a weight workout.

Suffice it to say, I was thoroughly trashed when I feel into bed


The sun made me think it would be dry and warm. It was warm…but not dry! Jasper loved every.single.second of it.



And now I am enjoying my day at work…and my first “rest day” in 6 days. Oops!

The moon was amazing on the way into work this morning.


Heading to a basketball game after work. Thank goodness for the crockpot!