Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I’m Sexy and I know it….

Please tell me that this picture doesn’t scream that song..which Ken loves and I tolerate….


He knows how cute he is…and uses it against me.

“Mom, I know it is before dinner, but can I PALLEEEEAAASSSEEEE have a cookie?”

“No, Jasper, you wont eat your meal”

“But, I am soooo cute, look into my eyes….”

“Okay, but just one…or two…or seven”

But, alas, back to reality. I found a few pictures on my phone that I thought would be fun to share from our time in Wyoming..


Pouncing a tennis ball in the snow is the BEST…and no, he is not part cat.

Getting ready for our trek through the snow…look at those booties!


I snowshoe in a bright hat…in case I fall and they have to find me!


Yes, this was on my 29th birthday, and yes, I am rocking pigtails. I refuse to get any older.

In other news, I never got to write out my “resolutions,” so that is still my number one resolution…doh! I better get on it or it will be February before I know it.

In exciting news, Ken and I have decided to……join the rec center for a few months (too dramatic?). I am looking forward to continuing my weight workouts and lap swimming lounging in the hot tub.

Random: I am kind of annoyed that there is not a female trainer for Biggest Loser…I miss Jillian. Boo.