Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I don’t like: The Week Before Camp!

Today is one of those days where you look up and realize that it is after 2:00 and you don’t even know how it happened.

We leave for camp on Saturday morning, which means this is the week before camp. The week before camp means…I would rather jump off a building. Okay, maybe that is excessive…but I would rather it be next week.

The week before camp means that I get a constant stream of emails asking about numbers, parents asking about things that I sent them in emails and having to figure out how to get my computer formatted for printing name badges. I don’t particularly like the week before camp….and when I am a parent, I will make a point to have everything in on time and completely done. Lesson learned!

Hawaii cant come soon enough!

But enough of the rant….this morning it snowed. Not just the little dusting that they expected, but inches:


It was almost a blizzard (said the girl from Cali) and driving was a bit sketcy. So what did I do….I took pictures while I was driving-because I am smart! (At least I only did it while going in a straight line).

Here is a picture of my awesome shellac’ed nails. Seriously, not one chip yet!!


In workout news, I very much enjoyed my rest day yesterday but am mega-ly looking forward to our workout at the gym tonight. So much better when Ken goes with me!! I am planning on rocking some cardio (either the dreadmill or a bike) and then hitting up some arms and legs (not the day for core…ugh!). Pretty excited to be working out INSIDE tonight….er, and not freezing to death.

Um….and…ONE TREE HILL tonight. Yes, I am a CW nerd…last season- I gotta watch it!

Back to student spreadsheets and figuring out housing. What a delight!