Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Dreaming and Not Sleeping

Hi there! I hope that you all saw my un-wordy post from yesterday! More on that in a minute.

Random pictures of my best buddy (besides Ken)

005008Lets start with the not sleeping. This happened Wednesday night and I feel that the reason is hysterical enough to mention. About 2 am (I guess that is Thursday morning, technically) I awoke to Ken talking. Yes, in his sleep.

He said, “My stomach is on fire!” Um…okay. In my dazed state, I replied “What?!” To which he said, “I’m stretching” (as he stretched across the bed). I, again, responded with the question, “What?!?!” to which I received, “I’m stretching” (with another demonstration). And then he was silent. Yes, I get to share a bed with him for the rest of our lives. Good thing he is cute!

Well after the crazy exchange, I was unable to fall back to sleep. For some reason I had to mentally try to figure out why is stomach was on fire. I wondered if he had food poisoning, the flu…who knows? I managed to psycho-somatically make my self feel sick to my stomach. I am pretty sure I have lost my mind. In the morning-Ken had no recollection of our conversation. These are the days nights of our lives!

In day dreaming news….We are going to Hawaii (via LA). I had some skymiles that were soon to expire, so Ken and I made the decision to head out of town. Because of work schedules and bike racing schedules, our window for vacation is limited. Once March/ April hits, it is pretty non-stop and the traveling that is done revolves around training and racing. I am totally fine with that-especially when we get to leave cold to go to warm!

(Sidenote: I cant really complain as it has been in the 50s and 60s the last few days-so great):


At the end of February we are making the drive to LA to hang out with family and friends before and after our trip. We are pretty excited because Jasper gets to meet he cousins! (Yes, they are dogs). My parents are going to be rock stars and babysit him while we are gone. Two Vizslas and a German Shorthair Pointer-good thing they have a doggie door and a huge backyard!

To say that we are excited is the biggest understatement of the year (even if we are only 6 days in). I am literally counting the days!!!

Jasper and I went on our first “real” run yesterday-complete with my garmin that has been hibernating since my marathon in October. It was a great break-but I am ready to get back at it.

Weight workout tonight!!! And a busy morning at the office. Gonna be TIRED tomorrow!! But gotta get swimsuit ready!!!