Sunday, January 1, 2012


After taking some time away from the World Wide Web…I have returned! I had a fantastic end to 2011-filled with food, family and fun.

First, here are the cookies I made pre-Christmas. They were pretty tasty!

christmas etc 2011 002

On the Friday before Christmas, Ken and I loaded up the truck and headed to Wyoming. Jasper had the good seat!

christmas etc 2011 006

Our front yard looked like this…

christmas etc 2011 007

Hello, snow!

We made it to the Star Valley in about 8 hours with great weather…although it was like 10 when we got there. Brrr!

And here (for the sake of not boring you to death) I will hit some highlights.

New Year’s Eve: I read a novel (as in 325 pages). It was AWESOME to not do anything! We also went to Church that evening to cheer for Rene’ as she performed in the Christmas play! It was very cute!!


This little guy was very into opening presents!

christmas etc 2011 011christmas etc 2011 012

Adores the Kong Frisbee!

christmas etc 2011 013

christmas etc 2011 014

Thanks for all of the gifts Rob and Rene’!! We all felt very spoiled!!

The rest of the day was spent going to Church and hanging out…oh, and eating a ridiculously delicious meal!

The next day was MY BIRTHDAY! I turned the big 29. Wowzers. One more year before 30. We went snow shoeing (me) and cross country skiing (everyone else). It was SOOOO much fun!!! Thanks for making me feel special on my birthday (I got the special plate!).

The day after that (we are at the 27th) we headed to some Hot Springs. I had never been and it was super fun!

christmas etc 2011 016

The water was hot, but not ridiculous…and we got in some great People Watching! After soaking up the heat (LOVED), we took a little stroll before heading for dinner.

christmas etc 2011 021

My little family (I adore them!)

christmas etc 2011 023

Wednesday morning we packed up the truck and headed home to beat a storm.

We spent Thursday cleaning up and running errands (and settling back into a “normal”). We also got to join Errin and Colin for some dinner before watching Top Gun on their new (amazing) TV.

Friday, we had plans to head up to the mountains to do some shooting. But before hand….we took the Celestial Seasonings Tour! I have wanted to do it since moving to Colorado and it didn’t disappoint.

christmas etc 2011 024

christmas etc 2011 025

I learned a lot! Errin and I walked away with several boxes of tea!

By early afternoon, we had found a spot for some shooting (safe and away from everything). Jasper was unsure of the sounds, but enjoyed the running in between.

christmas etc 2011 030


christmas etc 2011 031christmas etc 2011 040

Ken wanted to make sure that his truck was well represented. It managed to climb up a mountain of snow that I would never have thought possible.

christmas etc 2011 059

christmas etc 2011 060

christmas etc 2011 064

christmas etc 2011 067christmas etc 2011 068

We had a delightful day!

Yesterday (New Year’s Eve) was pretty laid back. E and C came over for appetizers and a movie. We called it quits about 11 and hit the sack. Because Ken and I are giant sleep wusses! So is Jasper.

And today (New Year’s) we headed to Church and then spent the day working around the house.

And with that….LONG POST…we are caught up!!

Thanks R and R for a great Christmas and E and C for a great New Years! We are so blessed!