Friday, January 13, 2012

Bland chaos

Happy Friday! I am always excited for Fridays even if there really isn’t a weekend after them.

Tomorrow we are heading up to camp and while I know I will have a good time once we get there, the stress surrounding it has been a bit much. Yesterday I spent 10 hours doing church work-between paperwork, meeting with a student and our Thursday night even (and seeing my patients) I was pretty much thrashed. I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning.

But alas, I eventually did. And managed to make it in for a busy morning of patients. Always fun.

Random picture of my windshield Wednesday after work-a little bit frozen:


Yesterday, before the craziness began, Jaspy and I went for a 3.5 mile run to the dog park and back. There was a nice layer of snow, but the 30 degrees didn’t seem so bad. We both enjoyed being out in the sunshine. My pace was not super awesome…I better start training! Next week I will share what races (that I know of) I will be doing this year!

Tonight Ken and I are hitting up the gym (we did Wednesday too!) for some cardio and weights (and maybe the jacuzzi) before indulging in some Papa Murphy pizza and packing the night away.

I hope you have an amazing weekend…it is back to the paperwork for this girl!!

Days until we leave for Cali/Hawaii: 40!!!

Oh…and so excited that Rob and Rene’ get to join us!! I get to see all four of my parents in the span of a week. That is pretty awesome!