Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zero for Eleven

(Note-still no camera….I am terrible)

Yesterday after work I headed to Boulder to pick up Ken. We had one goal in mind….find me a pair of jeans. Our quest took us to Nordstrom Rack where I tried on (no joke) 11 pairs of jeans without one fitting. That makes a girl feel REALLY good about herself.

I tried on:

*True Religion

*Paige Denim

*Joe’s Jeans

*JJ Brand



*And a couple other brands that I don’t remember.

Pretty much everything in the store. I tried on my normal size and the size below. But alas, no luck! My issue: the legs fit perfect in my normal size, but the waist is huge…like 1-2 sizes too big! When I tried on the smaller size, the legs looked like they were painted on…NOT hot!

At least none of them looked like this:


So….we left the store empty handed with me in a less than stellar mood. Someday someone will make jeans that fit me!

Enough of the ranting…Once we got home, I threw together some “bowl” lasagna (everything that goes into lasagna, but mixed together and eaten out of a bowl) and Ken and I sat on the couch and watched Biggest Loser. At least I felt better about myself after watching that-they ran the marathon and my time was faster. Yes, I was that petty last night.

Happily, today is another day. I dropped Ken off at work before heading to Monarch to do my hallway monitoring. I love starting my day with high school students!!

Now I am at work! Fun times! To be followed by: Picking up Ken, dropping him and the Japster off at home and heading to CPR recertification from 6-10….BOOOO! I will probably fall asleep while giving the Dummy mouth-to-mouth. I hope no one thinks I am trying to make out with him!

Back to work!