Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Season Wouldn’t Be Complete….

…without a trip to Urgent Care!

**Caution: There are some gruesome pictures ahead…don’t continue if you get nauseous at the sight of blood!**

But lets start at the beginning of the weekend…

Friday night was RELAXING. We had no where to go and were happy to rent a movie and chill on the couch. We picked up Friends with Benefits and were pleasantly surprised with the acting. We went to bed early….because we are cool.

Saturday I headed to the Rec Center to take a Spin Class (I am in love) and do some weights! Have I mentioned that I am working on moving in there? Sorry Ken, at least you will have the bed to yourself…er…with Jasper.

Once home, I made some lunch before diving into baking mode. I made Snickerdoodles, Russian Tea Cakes and some Peanut Butter with Hershey Kisses pressed into the center. All 3 kinds got the thumbs up from Ken!!

I did take pictures and just realized I left my camera in the truck. Great.

We spent the evening watching Water for Elephants. I had read the book and was surprised how closely it followed. It was super well done!

Sunday…okay, now the excitement begins! I had to teach at church, so Ken headed down to Castle Rock early with Colin and Errin. We are SOOOOO lucky to live so close to them and have them be so supportive of Ken’s racing. (You will see what I mean later-you know, besides just being there to cheer for him).

I made it down with plenty of time to hang out while Ken warmed up and even got to pin his number on. C, E and I (while Jasper was tied to a tree close by) spent the race (oh, did I mention it was State Championships…it was) in the pit ready to do just about anything they guys needed. Colin was supposed to be at work, but called in to be a little late so he could stay at the game. Errin is recovering from a back injury and was a total rock star for still lugging bikes around and helping wash off pounds of mud.

I will say that (because Colin and Ken are super prepared) we had the best set up in the pit….sprayer, rack, buckets and brushes. We really were ready for just about anything.

The race was nuts….slippery, muddy…gross. Ken went down during the first lap and tore up his hand and leg. I don’t think he knew how bad it was, he just knew his hand wouldn’t stop bleeding. He kept racing and ended up finishing 9th!! In state!! In his first season racing Pro and second season racing Cyclocross. Such a Super Star!

The Team….

2011 feedback pros (2)

I walked over to the finish to trade bikes with Ken and he showed me this….


Then he asked me if I thought it needed stitches….um, yes!

I asked the EMTs to clean it up…and when I walked away, they poured Hydrogen Peroxide on it…growl…that is the last time I walk away! It pretty much killed all of the tissue surrounding the wound (which looked like a black whole by the way…it was sooo deep!).

After loading everything up and getting Ken cleaned up, we headed to Urgent Care. So much for my IKEA trip!

Errin was with us and was kind enough to keep and eye on Jippy and the truck full of bikes so I could stay in the room with Ken. I got to hang out with him while they cleaned up his hand and sewed him up. The doc was a little baffled as to how he was going to stitch it…but somehow came up with a way (after cutting off all of that white tissue). Ken was a tough kid and hung in there even after the local had worn off.


We picked up his Vicodin prescription and I dropped him and Jappy off before taking Errin home. What a day!

Monday was its normal self with crazy cleaning and laundry. I did manage to make it to the Rec Center for some running and weights.
Ken’s hand is doing alright…I made him put some ice on it because it was quite swollen. His leg abrasions were actually the most painful thing of the night…following the “worst shower [he] has ever had”.

And today…we are both at work and counting down the days until we get to head to Wyoming! 3 left!!!

We are also going on a date!! tonight to celebrate his amazing season and my pre-birthday! I cant wait Smile