Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Race Through the Snow!

Twenty days until I turn 29! Wowzers!!

(Note: I am a dumdum and left my camera at home. Pictures later)

This past weekend was one of those…where did it go, weekends?!

Saturday morning I PLANNED to sleep in until at least 7, but by 6 I was wide awake. Why is it that when I can sleep in, my body won’t  BUT when I have to get up for work…all I want to do is sleep?! Growl. Once I actually climbed out of bed, I headed downstairs to make some breakfast before cleaning up the house. Ken spent the morning getting ready for a (wait for it) bike race. Here is the kicker-It snowed all morning! Bahaha.

Around 9:45, I headed to the Paul Derda Rec. Center. I must say, the thought of running inside was pretty appealing (they sent us a card for 10 free visits-I begged Ken for it…and being the amazing husband he is, he let me go!!). The good part: It is phenomenal! I’m not kidding. It has a pool with a lazy river and slides. It has a full gymnastics area-complete with uneven bars, beams, floor, vault, rings…SO COOL! It has studios with classes, treadmills, a track, elliptical machines, bikes, WEIGHTS, a climbing area and who knows what else. The bad part: I now want to live there.

It is actually in Broomfield (about 4 minutes from our house) so we are not considered “residents”. So, it is a littler pricier for us than going to the Westminster Rec Center (which is like 10 minutes further). Gotta love that!

I got home from my workout at 10:55 and in the timespan of about 35 minutes, I: Cut up veggies and potatoes and put dinner in the slow cooker, made Ken a pre-race lunch, took a shower, got dressed in ski clothes, ate lunch (almost in the shower) and we packed up the truck and headed to Louisville!

Race conditions looked a little like this…


Okay, maybe no bear.

Luckily, by the time Ken raced, the snow had ceased and the sun was shining a bit. It made 22 degrees seem like 40. Errin, Colin and I made ourselves at home in the pit (we anticipated being needed). And boy, were we right! Between Ken, Tim and Chris, we were always busy chiseling away at ice and mud frozen to bikes and wheels. It was a lot of work keeping up with bike swaps and not getting run over, but it was also a blast! The guys were riding through snow, mud and who knows what else and that looked exhausting…but they all finished in the Top 10…so I am going to say that is a good day!!

Post-race, we raced home so Ken could shower before we all piled into Colin’s truck to catch the 3:50 showing of Breaking Dawn. Mixed reviews…but I really cant wait until Part 2!!! After the show, we ate that slow cooker meal (so nice that it was done when we walked in the door).

Geesh-I feel like I have met my word quota for the day! So I will keep Sunday short:

*Went to church super early to get calendars done.

*Stayed late teaching.

*Hit up Costco and Babies-R-Us to pick up some presents and dog food.

*I went to a dinner with some church peeps that Ken had to bail on due to a work (on a SUNDAY!) conference call and then more work following that. Oh Spyder!

*I lazily sat on the couch and read while Ken worked.


* All kinds of cleaning, laundry and the norm.

*Grocery shopping.

*Took Jasper on a short run…in 9 degrees! He had a frozen beard when we got home.

*Prepped dinner.

*Headed to the Rec Center to take an Ultimate Fitness class and LOVED it. It was HARD! I did great with the cardio part (especially the running) and passed people left and right, but the strength part was really challenging. Sooooo fun!

*Home to my husband who was riding the trainer….made dinner….CRASHED on the couch for our Monday shows!

I feel like I have written a book! I really need to start posting on Mondays!