Friday, December 2, 2011

Let it Snow

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Colorado. A nice dusting of snow and some cold temperatures are enough to make a girl search through the house to find hidden presents (sorry, Ken-my name is LeeAnn and I have a problem!). I REALLY love it though!! How about I just keep it a surprise for everyone else?!

This is what I get to look at through my office window today….



It just makes me want some hot chocolate!

Wednesday night I finally got a workout in…Jasper and I went out for about 4 miles (I so need to get back into shape!). It was light for the first half of the run so we headed to the Dog Park. Darkness descended on our run back to Spyder….luckily my awesome husband packed me a headlamp-so we were A-OK. The temperature was a little warmer than I expected…so I got hot in my thermal tights. That would SO not have been the case yesterday!

While Ken was working until about 11 on Thursday night, I decided to do something super productive (or not) and made us our own little Advent Calendar.


I hung little “ornaments” with numbers on our banister and Ken (because we don’t have kids and Jasper doesn’t have thumbs) has to take one down each day. I think he secretly likes it!

Yesterday was filled with meetings, trying not to fall on my butt on the ice and treating patients. I had the pleasure of this little guys company…


We love our Thursday Mommy and Me days Winking smile

Due to the weather, we canceled youth group activities and I got to spend the evening hanging out with my boys.

Today is work…and daydreaming of the weekend. We have lots going on! Tomorrow, in the midst of snow and sub-freezing temperatures, Ken has a race. Cant wait to see him riding around in his thermal onsie! I am planning on checking out our local rec center in the morning (I got a free pass in the mail) and doing some indoor exercising! We are also planning on seeing Breaking Dawn with E and C and doing dinner afterwards! I am so excited!!! Don’t judge me!

Should be a fun-filled weekend! Hope yours is great Smile