Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I need an Elf

I just made my “To Do” list and decided that I need an Elf…or a personal assistant…or a husband with 2 functioning hands…I joke! We will call it one and a half. Tehehe. I hope no one lost their lunch over his pictures yesterday. They were pretty gnarly.

The good news: he was able to shower last night without pacing around the room in pain afterwards. It is the little things that are worth celebrating.

But before that…we celebrated bigger things. With no pictures, of course.

Last night we hit up Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner. image

I am pretty sure that this is the only restaurant we go to when we decide to eat out. And for good reason, we love it! On the way there, we tried to remember the last time we had gone out to dinner…just the 2 of us…we couldn’t remember! That made the date extra special. And it was the perfect way to end a super duper cycling season. We didn’t talk about cycling the whole night…haha..I joke!

We split a giant plate of Nachos and then split a burger. I could not finish my half of burger and fries…the nachos were HUGE! We were going to stop for some fro-yo, but we were too stuffed and it was freezing out! So we headed home for some cookies.

After some time with an ice pack..on Ken’s hand of course….we hit the sack!

Today I am super crazy with both works and trying to organize things to get everything ready. My list has hit 2 pages, but I am confident that I will get it all done…as long as I don’t fall asleep in the process!

Excited to take some stitches out today…and they aren’t even Kens!

Happy almost time for vacation Wednesday!!