Friday, December 16, 2011

I look like a Vampire

Okay, not in the good Twilight way…in the I did not get enough sleep and have purple bags under my eye way.

I tried taking a webcam photo…but it is just not pretty….so we will go pictureless today…..and the reason for the dreaded purpleness and lack of hair washing….YOUTH GROUP.

Last night (after a full day of work) Ken and I met at the church for some Christmas party goodness. There was food, there were cookies (I ate too many) and there was a White Elephant Gift Exchange…let by, me. And there were, lets say, 55 kids.

I learned something last night (or maybe a few things)….I am sending my child away while they are in middle school (or maybe just teaching them to have manners), I don’t particularly like dealing with middle school students and, oh, I have no problem yelling at middle school boys. For real.

The high schoolers seldom drive me to a place where I feel I need to raise my voice (and for that I am thankful). Even if they do, I can jokingly get them to come back to reality. Middle schoolers are just beyond me. I would have sent them home if I could.

But alas, somehow and without a voice at the end, the night was a success and everyone seemed to have a good time. I has beyond thankful that Ken and Jasper were there-they saved my sanity.

It just means that today I am dragging and look like crap-no biggie. Patients like when you go all zombie style on them. It makes them more relaxed.

Have I mentioned that I am looking forward to vacationing next week?

**Ken has State Championships this weekend…but other than that…we have no big plans!!!***

And because I need a pick me up….