Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Bee

Yesterday I intended to blog…but that didn’t happen. Here’s why.

The morning (from 6:30-9:30):

Made Breakfast

Made Mexican Rice

Made Corn Pudding

Made dough for Dinner Rolls

Cut up Veggies for a Platter

Did some dishes

Took Jasper on a 3 mile run in the snow

Took the fastest shower known to man and got ready for work.

Mid-morning (10-12)

Meeting at Church

Costco to get gas

Starbucks-to make it through the rest of the day

Dog ParkTHeaded into office

Afternoon (12-6)

Made Christmas Cards

Treated Patients

Did some Church Work

Evening (6:30-9:15)

Hung out with Awesome Students

Past Bedtime (10-11)

Made Spinach/Artichoke Dip and then passed out!

There was literally no time for anything else in the day! It was bonkers. I am hoping that I don’t fall asleep during our Christmas Party tonight. That could be embarrassing.

At least my run yesterday was a lot of fun and really fast (we were on a tight schedule). Jasper thought he won the lottery when we hit up the dog park for 15 minutes.

My camera is still MIA. I guess I need to look for it. My phone is also being ridiculous and not sending the pictures I have on it. When they come through…I will put them up.

Plan for the weekend: Tonight: Church party. Saturday: Workout, errands, Office Party. Sunday: Church, race, hang with E and C. I need it to be Christmas!