Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snap Back to Reality

After a LONG break from the internet world, I’m back!!

It has been quite the past 6 days with Thanksgiving, family in town and shopping trips. I am officially exhausted. I took about 1 picture the entire 6 days. On my phone. And 2 videos of the Japster. So I will just give you a brief overview….

Wednesday-Work, clean, R and R arrive, dinner, hang out…bed.

Thursday-THANKSGIVING!!! A day of eating Smile                            

It was a CRAZY day. A patient texted me (no joke) and needed to get in. So…we hung out in the morning, I went in to Lville to treat, back home for a much needed run with L (about 4.5 miles…I died!), Ken and Tim rode, headed over to E and Cs for a fantastic meal (their new place looks fantastical), home, couch…BED.

Friday- Up “early” to get some shopping done. Fueled up with some oatmeal before hitting Flatirons Mall with Rene’ and Errin (also Michaels and Costco). Nothing OVERLY exciting. Ken did better with a new printer and office chair.

After meeting the guys back at home for some lunch, we headed to JAX so Jaspy could try on some booties. This is what happened….

It was pretty hilarious.

Saturday-Race Day! Ken, Rob, Rene’, Jasper and I headed down to Westminster City Park to watch Colin race. It was nice and cold! Colin had a good time and finished well. When he was done racing, we headed home to get some stuff done (and eat) before heading back around noon for Ken’s race.

Ken did great and finished in 9th place. Tim was right behind him in 10th. It was super fun watching the guys work together during the race. There were a ton of stairs for them to climb…that is always fun to watch!IMAG0193

Post-race we headed back to the homestead and made some pizza!

Sunday- Started the day off with some waffles before heading to church. It was nice going to the 10:30 service because we had a lot of time to get things together! Once we had gotten home and eaten (this seems to be a theme), Ken rode with me down to the Cross course where we met up with Colin (Rene’ headed to Errin’s to help with some tree trimming and Rob was brave enough to take Jasper out for a run!). I had a blast riding the course. It became evident that my bike handling skills need a ton of work….as I fell over while practically standing still and turning right. I also threw a giant fit when Ken tried to help me turning right around a tree. Apparently I am great going left and incredible challenged turning right. I blame the shoulder!

I think I gave Ken and Colin an entertaining show.The cardio was great!

Once home, we procrastinated before eventually getting dressed and heading to Rock Bottom Brewery. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Monday- R and R hit the road just after Ken left for work and Jasper and I were left in total silence. A little too quiet! Jasper pretty much passed out on the couch as I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry. About 1, we headed to church to get some work done.

We were home by about 4:30 and finished up housework before Ken made it home in time for dinner and some TV shows. I even managed to do a little Christmas gift wrapping before the night was over….Ken called me the Energizer Bunny.

We LOVED having our Thanksgiving company Smile Now it is back to reality! (i.e. work).

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  1. Awesome fun filled weekend. Loved the video LOL