Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day of November?!

Holy Smokes! I happened to look at the calendar today and realized that December is rapidly approaching…as in…tomorrow. Where did November go? Where did 2011 go? I am pretty sure I have not even perfected the ‘11 yet….and we are almost at ‘12?!

Enough of that rant…Ken and I blew off our workouts yesterday. Darn darkness. No motivation. We are going to make up for it today though. Ken is riding and I am planning an with Jasper. Can’t wait to rock the headlamp…um, not!

In the spirit of December…I am going to do a list of my favorite things about the month….

The Top Ten Reasons I LOVE December

10. Snow! Okay, so we have a love/hate relationship, but in December it is all good. I love that it makes it feel more “Season-y”.

9. Christmas Carols. I am NOT about Christmas music in November, but come December 1st, bring it on! Especially the really cheesy stuff.

8. UGGS- Face it, they are insanely comfortable and just make you want to cuddle (not okay with super short skirts and dresses, just saying).


7. Christmas Lights- I am a HUGE fan of Christmas Lights! I love driving running around my neighborhood looking at all of them. Favorites-simple, white, classy lighting. Unfavorites (not a word?)- Tacky, different textured, random colored, unorganized displays. Ick.





6. The Continuation of Cyclocross Season- I truly love going to the races on the weekend and watching Ken race around in next to nothing. Okay, he does wear his onsie, but lets face it….when it is below 30 degrees, that isn’t much!



5. Christmas Decorations-I beyond love the day after Thanksgiving and pulling out all of the fun holiday décor. It just makes things feel extra cozy (not to mention the smell of cinnamon apple candles!).

4. Presents!!! Okay, before you call me shallow and superficial…I mostly mean giving them…to the dog! I almost cant stand myself when Jasper tears open a package and throws it around the room in delight. He loves everything he receives, even if I just wrap more wrapping paper. Don’t worry, I love giving them to my humans too!



3. My Birthday- Everyone loves to age, right? Okay, maybe that is NOT what I love…but everyone loves their birthday month, yeah? Mine just happens to be the day after Christmas.

2. Road Tripping-! Bahahaha. In all honesty, it is one of my favorite things. I love the time with my boys and it is a nice break from the non-stop action of our lives.



1. Christmas!!!!! Okay, not the cheesy, superficial Christmas. Not the consumer driven Christmas…The celebrating the birth of our Lord Christmas!! Maybe Christmas should be called Thanksgiving, because I am SUPER thankful for that!

And that is why I love December… to finish November!