Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dismounting on the Left

Howdy, Blog World. Do I have some fun stuff to share! This past weekend was ……-filled!

Friday after work, Jasper and I went for an almost.dark.run. It was chilly, so we threw in some hill sprints to warm things up. It was awesome that I got my third run in in 3 days. My legs were a little sluggish though. We probably did about 3 miles with a little stop at the dog park thrown in!

Saturday we actually got to chillax in bed (until like 7:20 because we are cool and wake up early). I made some omelets and Ken got crackin’ on the first project of the day.

Gross vertical blinds….DOWN


New, glorious shades…UP (I am thinking some minimal curtains would be fun. It felt SOOOO clean!!!



I am so thrilled with them!!

Jasper thought the project was a bit boring…so he chewed on a bear….


Until Ken grabbed him for some we.are.cool.guy.time….


While I wandered around aimlessly for most of the afternoon, Ken fought the wind and washed his bike. And THEN…he took me out for a ride!!!! He rocked his cross bike and I was on my mountain bike. We rode over to the park where the cross race would be the next day.

I struggled getting there…the wind wanted to knock me over! But, alas, we made it. Ken taught me how to get off my bike on the correct side and how to jump back on it. I was doing fairly well by the end of our practice sesh! We rode the course (for the most part) and it was a BLAST. Such an amazing cardio workout! I don’t think I ever breathe that hard while running. Maybe I am not running hard enough?

The ride home was beautiful and remained windy. Blech.




We finally had a much needed quiet night on the couch watching Transformers 3 (good…too much action).

Sunday I did the church thing solo as Ken was getting ready for his race. I booked it over there as soon as the service ended and was met by (shocker) horrific winds. I don’t know how they stayed upright?!



Jasper whined the entire time. I am glad Colin got to hang out with us and witness his ridiculousness.

Ken did well and took 5th or 6th (I say that because there were 5 people in front of him, but one guy was not in the results).



Post-race, we hurried home and got ready to head out to our church Thanksgiving dinner. Lots.of.food!

Yesterday, Jasper and I tried to go out for a run. We only made it about 2 miles because the wind was soooo bad! I am over the wind completely. Instead, I did a leg workout (so many squats that I cant walk well today. Oops!! Haha!).

And then….I started the prep.for.company cleaning. Yes, ladders were involved…as well as the moving of couches. Jasper didn’t want to help.


Monday’s always go too fast and I never get enough done. Guess I will have to be productive this week!

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  1. So glad I found your blog today...thanks for stopping by!! You and your hubby are adorable!

    Congrats on your first marathon!!!! Any plans for another??