Friday, November 4, 2011

Are You Qualified For That?

Why hello, Friday. Where have you been all my life!

I hope everyone is enjoying wrapping up another work week. I am…Ken-not so much. He has to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Such a bummer! But…he is doing a fantastic job!

Due to the fact that I am a giant slacker it snowed this week and Jasper being out of commission, there has not been much working out this week. Instead, I got a little crafty (you’ll see).

First, here are some gorgeous after.the.storm pictures…




Really, Mom…clearly I have a hurt paw and you are making me go out in this?!


In the world of craftistry (so not a word) I decided to try my hand at wreathing (really, spell check-that IS a word?!)


I made my own little felt flowers and glued them all over (What can I say, Ken has been working late). I think I want to get one more brighter color to throw on there…we will see how ambitious I get.


The only problem is hanging it on the door. There is a knocker that is in the way…someday that may have to go…and it gets closed between the storm door. Still working on figuring that one out!

Today Ken is down in Denver again so the Veesh pup is chilling with me. And today is the day that the foot wrapping could come off…so I took it off. It was quite the event. Jasper kept shaking and looking at me as if he didn’t think I was properly qualified for the task.
I tried to tell him that it was no big deal, but he wanted to help just in case.



There were a bajillion layers!

Jasper tried to hold down my hands several times…


Being SUPER helpful…


And finally…success! A bandage-free paw! And a happy pup!


See the stitches? Poor baby!

Now there is a continual battle against the licking. Good times!

My single-girl weekend is upon me…with a list of things to do. Number one will be GO RUNNING (or riding…or something fun!). Followed quickly by cleaning the house, attempting to stencil the bathroom and hopefully some more crafty things!

I think Ken will be happy he is working Winking smile

Have a GREAT weekend and don’t forget to change your clocks for Sunday!!!

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