Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Racing and Some Soup

Howdy, Y’all! Hope you are having a blast of a Tuesday. As Ken said yesterday, “it is one step closer to Friday.” Which is just delightful!!

Let’s talk about the weekend!

Saturday: Woke up LATE! Okay…7:45 is like noon in our world! It was soooo nice to lounge in bed. Jasper soaked up every.single.minute. You know those dogs that wake up their humans in the morning….we don’t have one of those. He is like a toddler who wants to hop in our bed and cuddle and go back to sleep. He is the bestest!


When we finally rolled out of bed, I made some eggs to have with toast and then got crackin’ on some soup: Butternut Squash Soup! First off, I don’t think I have ever made soup that wasn’t out of a can (or box) and second, I have never eaten butternut squash soup-so it was quite the adventure.


In the end, it was delicious and I froze all of it to be used in the wintery future.

I had just enough time to hit the shower before we headed up to Longmont for a bike race! It was HOT! What is it with that venue…required 80+ degrees?! Remind me of my complaining in a week when it is –14 degrees here (or 50).

We had a lovely time…me and the pup!



Ken did well and finished in 8th. I ran my first sprints….providing water bottles.


This is what it is supposed to look like….


And this is what happens if you fail….



Post race, we enjoyed hanging out on the back porch. While Ken washed bikes, I wrote my lesson…you know, so I could watch Despicable Me after dinner (um…it was super cute…and I totally fell asleep-don’t judge). Errin came over for Fajitas…mandatory break from moving things to the new place!!

Sunday: Did the church thing, had a meeting after church and still managed to make it to Ken’s race 15 minutes early. I even drove the speed limit!

Luckily, the race was super super close. I even brought a student with me….Ken and my adopted sister A! She hung out and cheered with me and Lauren as the guys raced around the course. We even ventured out to the middle of nowhere to cheer.

Huge thanks to Errin for holding on to Jasper the WHOLE day. He loved it!! The boys did fantastic. All 3 of the Feedback guys that raced placed in the top 6….what?! Go Ken, Chris and Tim!

Ken took 4th and even earned $40! Gotta love that! The only picture that I took happened to be of the pup-I was really focused on cheering…and chatting with A and Lauren!


We hit up the Happiest Place on Earth (Costco) before heading home. It was a blast!!

Monday: I did an insane cleaning of the house-I didn’t leave all day (as in: I have not worked out in a LONG time!). In my defense, it was rainy and cold and windy all day. Jasper did a lot of this:


He melts my heart. Pure love.

Today I have been busy busy working and am about to bounce to do the grocery shopping that I put off yesterday!

See you tomorrow Smile

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