Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I am going to tell Ken not to read my blog…because he is already having a day at work…and I don’t want him to have a full fledged panic attack. So Darling, if you didn’t get my message…STOP NOW!

Why do I not want him to read it? Because I am going to talk about goal projects I have for the Fall and Winter and let’s face it…he will feel completely overwhelmed, curl up in a ball and possibly cry…even though I most likely will not ask him to help, he somehow feels the need to jump in and cut my time in half. He is kinda great that way.

Last chance, Ken….stop reading!!

Since I finished my marathon training (and said marathon), I have had a little time left on my hands. Now, I am going to start running again (today actually!! Hitting the Mesa for some trail with Jappy) but it will not be quite as structured-and there will be much more cross training. I even stuck “weights” on my calendar two days a week! Ambitious, I know! In my extra time (even though it is only light out from 10 am to 3 pm-okay, slight exaggeration) I plan on getting some stuff done around the house….

1. Refinish or Paint the Kitchen Cabinets. I am NOT the biggest Oak fan in the world and to me, my cabinets look orange. Eww. I would like Jasper to not feel like he is camouflaged when he walks through that room.

One of the ladies that works in my awesome also does interior design (my hero) and recommended a product that apparently does wonders:


Now, I just have to figure out if I want to go light or dark…decisions decisions! Not to mention the sanding, prepping and all that jazz…but I think it will be awesome!

2. Refinish the Kitchen Table. The table seems to work perfectly in the space, but the stain has been rubbed away in several places and it just needs some TLC.

3. Refinish the Kitchen Chairs and Change the Fabric. The fabric doesn’t match anything in our house. Facelift time chairs!! Plus, they could use a little tightening of the bolts!

4. Stencil the Downstairs Bathroom. My colors are yellowy and purple. But it is missing something. I am thinking a light glossy gold stencil might pep it up a bit.

Something along the lines of…..




Have I totally lost my mind? Maybe.

5. Organize the Basement. Good project.

6. Finish Scrapbooking our Wedding. Yes, I am a complete slacker! It has only been 2.5 years, you know.

Depending how the kitchen cabinet painting goes….that could evolve into bathrooms and the laundry room. We will see how ambitious I am when we start seeing temps in the 30s and 40s.

Cant wait to get started on one of these bad boys! If you are skilled in interior design or Do It Yourself projects…I would love any suggestions!

Off to E-bay stalk some stencils!!

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