Friday, October 21, 2011

Forget Thursday

Yesterday involved frustration and tears over my dumb shoulder…so we are just going to ax the day completely. Thanks, Ken, for being your amazing self. You are the best.

We are going to rewind to Tuesday night for a minute…After work, I picked up Jasper and we headed home to get dinner together while Ken rode home.

This is what Jasper does if Ken is out later than us: (sorry for the horrific lighting-phone pics!)


Too funny! Once Ken was home and dinner was done-Pad Thai Baby!, Jasper made sure to give his baby a bath on the couch. Because he is cool like that.


Love that dog!

Wednesday night I went for my first real run since the marathon! Jasper and I did 4 miles of trail on Marshall Mesa. It felt GREAT to be out again. My quads were a little surprised that my brain was okay with the whole running business. They were a little bit sore, but warmed up nicely. Jasper had a BLAST!!! I simply adore trail running.

Yesterday (the dreaded Thursday) morning I started my cross training plan. Because the shoulder has been a punk lately, I stuck mostly to a leg workout and did some non-shoulder arm weights. Unfortunately that didn’t end great for me. Oh well-my core is sore today…love that feeling!

But let’s talk about the REAL excitement. Tomorrow Ken is racing…shocking, I know! And afterwards we are having people over for Linner (you know Lunch/Dinner). What started out as inviting 2 people has turned into the potential of 15. Yes, I am a nut. We are going to do a taco bar and who knows what else. It will be a blast!!

As for now, I am staying late to treat a patient, going home to prep for tomorrow and then spending a couple hours at a corn maze. Oh Friday night!

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