Thursday, September 29, 2011

Product Review:Recovery Boots

Yesterday I received a package via UPS. Something that Ken has been longing for since our trip to Vegas earlier in the month. Something that will be LIFE CHANGING! Okay, maybe not…but LEG CHANGING? Probably! Something that we got a great deal on because he is a “Professional athlete”-cool, no? And something that I will be stealing to use in my office.

I give you….Recovery Boots…check out the site on these bad boys!



Pretty snazzy, huh? They gradually fill with air from the bottom up. It feels pretty great We tried them in Vegas after walking a bajillion miles and our legs felt so refreshed after.

We plan on using them to help our legs recover after tough workouts (you know, like crazy bike races and marathon running). They are surprisingly quiet. We can watch TV at the normal sound level. I am afraid Ken may try to bring them to bed with us…and between 2 people and a dog, the queen size bed may be a little small to have these join us.

Can’t wait to let you know how I do after a long workout! So far we love them (our couch may get permanent “butt” marks!).

In other news, my favorite dog is joining me today…and apparently giving me the evil eye (even after spending 25 minutes at the dog park?!). Apparently he wanted me to drop him off and pretend it was day care. Sorry, Sucker….time for the office!


Yesterday, the furball joined me on my run. Speed work, anyone? We did a mile warm up and cool down with 7x1 minutes in between. I thought this was going to be an easy workout-but I was mistaken! Longest minutes of my life! But…I felt good….and sweaty! (All of my minutes were run under a 6:20 pace…Jasper even said it was tough).

I think it is time to start a countdown….. 10 days until the marathon-AH!

Things I have started to do in anticipation of said marathon:

-Drink lots of water….result: Have to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes!

-Obsess over sites with “Marathon Tips”…..result: Me freaking out.

Oh well…back to work and then other work tonight…and then grocery shopping for people coming over tomorrow night for work. Bah!

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