Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Bed…how I long for you!

Today is a super sleepy day! I feel like I could crawl up under my desk and pass out. Nobody would mind, right?

It all started…last night. After working on some patients, I headed to Bean and Berry to hang out with about 25 awesome High School students. It was a blast (and my 3rd round of coffee for the day-at least I switched to decaf)!! We wrapped up about 9:30-at which time I made my way to the grocery and at that hour, I am sure I forgot some things! I got home about 10:15, put away groceries and did a quick clean up of the lower portion of the house (and vacuumed the stairs-because that is incredibly important).

As we were on our way to bed…at 11:30….Ken pointed out that the only time for us to get our workout in today would be BEFORE work. While it was a good point, 5:30 didn’t sound so awesome….and let me tell you…when the alarm went off this morning, I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me.

After a couple minutes of whining and groaning and seriously contemplating “accidentally” falling back to sleep, Ken managed to drag my butt out of bed. He should get a cookie for that one-I fought hard. The Jipster and I hit the road at about 5:50-I don’t function so great in the dark and it took a little longer than anticipated to get out of the house. We did our thrilling and awe inspiring 3 miles (around the neighborhood-because I don’t want to be confused with coyote food).  It DID feel great to get it done and I am happy I did it…but boy am I dragging…and starving (even after lunch!).

I did manage to through an oven-baked pancake in the (shocker) oven before hitting the shower…that was nice to come down to!!

Jasper was a little sketched about the dark at first…but he got over it and wore himself out too….


Yes, that is the ride into work…I hope he doesn’t end up with a case of torticollis!  Okay…unfunny Chiropractic joke.



I am now longingly awaiting 4:00 and being half done with the day. Then hosting 10-12 people at my house for dinner tonight. No big deal :-/

Tomorrow we are heading up to Frisco for Ken, Tim, and Zane’s race. I am excited because Lauren is coming with us and Errin will be up there! Five people, 5 bikes (mind you they all belong to the 3 boys), a dog and one truck. Yay road trips!!

Have a blast of a weekend! (No long run…yay taper!!)

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