Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Remember last week when I said that I was over the heat…well I got what I asked for! Today it is 55 degrees and has not stopped (lightly) raining.

Part of me is LOVING the weather…the part that needs to take Jasper out to potty is NOT LOVING the weather.



At least I have this adorable face to snuggle with…



Those little eyes!

The weather seems to be reflecting my I.haven’ attitude. I did some yoga and cross training last night….but it is not that same. *Insert whine here* I am hoping that I may be able to sneak a little 2 mile run-attempt in tomorrow, but schedule wise, it seems unlikely….it may have to wait until Friday-which probably wouldn’t be a bad thing. Is that the longest, inappropriately punctuated run-on sentence ever? I think, yes!

Okay…enough downer…let’s talk about yesterday….

After work I headed into Boulder to grab Jasper and meet up with Ken. Jap and I drove (and Ken rode) over to the Vamont Bike Park. It was my first time and I was blown away. The park is HUGE. Jumps, trails, sandpits….and in the far corner…a DOG PARK!

Jasper had a spectacular time chasing Ken around on his bike (he is a great training partner) and then hitting up the dog park to play with some pretty cool pups. By the time we left, he was sufficiently tired. I was pretty good and only ran/hobbled up one flight of stairs. I watched some guy eat it off a log-he was okay…so I can say it was a little funny to watch. Can’t wait to spectate some Cyclocross races there!

Speaking of Cyclocross…Ken kicks off his season this Saturday racing in the Queen of Cyclocross race in Golden. He decided to race in the Women’s class this year! Okay…I’ m only kidding. The team that is putting it on is a female team-but really, the guys race too. You can still make fun of him though. I sure will! Maybe he can wear a sparkly pink Tutu while he rides? This should be great!!

And even more exciting….Vegas next week! Saaawwwweeeettttt!

Alright…back to work…and trying to build up enough courage to take Jasper outside…should have brought an umbrella…or jacket!

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