Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And we’re back…..

Howdy! Wow-I just looked back at the last time I posted, Friday September 9th! Whoa…11 days?! I think a lot has happened since then…so much that I will have to refer to my Google Calendar to make sure I get it all!

*Saturday the 10th-Ken raced his first Cyclocross race of the season and did a stellar job finishing 4th (and winning $35)!! Lauren also asked me to be a bridesmaid…YAY!!! Can’t wait till next summer!!

*Took about 5 days off completely from running…knee feels a bit better.

*Work work work work meetings meetings meetings…blah blah blah


*Saw The Help and LOVED it!

*Wednesday the 14th (and now we get to the excitement!)- K and I got up early to take catch our flight to Las Vegas! Literally catch it…we got to the airport just in time to spend 5 minutes before boarding. Got to Vegas and Tim picked us up before heading to Interbike (HUGE bike tradeshow). Spent some time browsing and visiting with E and C (who awesomely made the trip out to cheer for Ken!).

Around 1, Ken, Tim and I went out to the venue (CrossVegas!!!) Spent some time setting up (in the rain), the guys did some warming up, we watched 2 other races and then it was GO TIME…at 9:30 pm!!

An hour of grueling cycling under the bright lights and in front of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of fans. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!!!



Oh…did I mentioned that it poured for 2 days before the race…in Vegas?! Hello slippery grass.



Yes, they were nice and muddy after the race.

Doesn’t he look happy while he is racing?! And he says it was painful…whatever Ken…looks like a walk in the park to me..JK!  It was awesome cheering for Ken and Tim in such a huge race.

Ken came in 31st and Tim came in 37th out of 109 guys. So impressed!!! Plus they beat their goal of not getting pulled (by a lot)…so it was a great night.

By the time we got to our hotel to check in, it was 1:15 am (2:15 Colorado time) and we were done-zo.

Luckily we woke up to this view…


Yay Excalibur Castle Smile

We spent Thursday lounging around, walking Vegas, scouring Interbike and hitting up this place….


Oh In-N-Out…how I miss you!!! (We maybe had it for lunch again Friday!)

Once we made it back to the hotel, we chilled out by the pool and in the jacuzzi for about an hour before making our way to the Luxor Buffet where we proceeded to destroy the place (Don’t worry, I ran on the very boring treadmill earlier in the day). We made it back to the hotel just in time for me to pass out in bed.

Friday I woke up to this cute face Smile


We hit up the pool, grabbed some grub and walked the 437 miles back to Interbike. I may have been covered with sweat by the time we made it, but hey, who doesn’t love to sit by someone smelly on a 2 hour flight?!

The plane ride home was super bumpy (read: Ken couldn’t feel his arm by the time we landed) but we eventually made it home to a very excited Vizsla! Oh how we missed that little dude!

Saturday (Can you believe all of that happened without a weekend?)-Headed into Boulder for the Valmont CX race. Third race in 7 days! BAM! Ken took 11th place on some very tired legs…




They may have both fallen asleep on the way home…just saying!

Luckily, Ken manned up and joined me for a work party that night…such a good husband!

Sunday-Wrote my lesson for church and then taught it! And they liked it…oh last minute-ness!

From church, I set out on my 22 mile run (due to….running trails, running hills, exhausted legs, super heat, coming down with a cold and some (small) knee issues…I only made it 20.5 miles-but hey-after not really being able to run a week ago, I will take it!).

I got to see E and C’s new house, which is huge! Jasper may try to move in with them! Can’t wait for the decorating process to begin! It is going to be sweet!

And now that I have a post-trip cold…I think I will skip my track workout today and hit up 5 fun miles with the Japster!

Tomorrow (because I am sure I am boring you by now) we will dive into the fear I feel now that I have received my official last minute information and confirmation for my marathon! Ahhhhh!!!

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  1. Very busy:-)) I love seeing you all -Great photo's:-)) Wish i could come and share.