Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sin City and Cross Bikes?

Middle of the week. Thank goodness we are turning the corner towards the weekend!

Today I continue to be caught in the land of recovery. It appears (not surprisingly) that I do in fact have a cold. I think. Or there are still 4 gallons of salt water in my sinuses! The chronic pounding in my head and irritating cough are really starting to make me mad! So much in fact, that I took a sinus headache pill. Hoping that kicks in at some point!!

Work is (thankfully) pretty quiet today. After a busy Monday and Tuesday and a schedule for a busy Thursday and Friday, a nice and easy Wednesday is much appreciated. I have been able to get a TON of computer work done and caught up in the world of paperwork all while organizing my desk. Sigh of relief.

Now on to some exciting news…it seems that I may actually get a little vacation this summer! Who is thrilled beyond words?….me!!!

Our travels will (fingers crossed) take us to the little town of Las Vegas! Yes, I was just there, but it involved 80+ high school students and sleeping on the floor of a church. This trip will be a little more “grown up”….kinda.

There is an event in the Cyclocross World called CrossVegas.




Here is a picture of the course 2 years ago taken from here.

It is taking place under the lights of Vegas in mid-September and we are trying to work out the logistics to go!! It would mean taking off a Wednesday-Friday, but hey, I’m down.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity to mix bike racing and a little fun in the sun (by the pool of course). The ticket and hotel searches have begun. I would really love to spend some one on one time with Ken…after a summer filled with separate trips and not a lot of time! Ahhhh…I cant wait!!!

Okay, I am off to think positive thoughts of feeling better so I can get my track workout done tomorrow…and prep for my 20 miles on Saturday. Not to mention…half marathon in 10 days!!!

PS. Is there anyone out there that enjoys drama in their life? I am dealing with a situation that has drama written all over it and it is driving me bananas. Just saying!

Any suggestions for Vegas accommodations?

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