Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little too lazy

So, my 5:30 wake up call resulted in me deciding I needed a rest day. Oops Winking smile

Unfortunately, I still ate 3 pieces of chocolate coffee cake at work today. Some days it just happens that way. I am a little nervous though, my running has not been great this week (especially after being sick last week) and I have a race on Saturday. The “race” is supposed to be a training run for my marathon, so I will not be going all out…that will be hard! Good thing I can go off of the pace on my watch.

Today I got to treat some pretty cool patients. The last one of the day made me cry by telling me how good she feels and how much more she is able to do during the day. It made my day! That is why I love what I do!

I contemplated running this afternoon, seeing as Ken is in the garage getting a bike ready for someone to potentially buy tonight…



Yay boy stuff!

Instead, I am sitting on the couch blogging while watching Jeopardy and waiting for my chicken to defrost. Much better use of my time…huh? Don’t worry, I fully intend on having Ken kick me out of bed tomorrow morning to hit the ground running (literally!).

Another thing I did this afternoon…had an impromptu photo shoot with my pup…


You sexy thang….


And my amazing roses….low maintenance….I love them!



Last but not least, what is left of my basil plants after I used most of them for our delicious pesto on Monday.


I picked up The Help today to finish up while I wait for the second book of The Hunger Games to reappear at the Library. Funny story, I talked to a 12 year old boy and a 50 year old woman today (separately) and they both raved about The Hunger Game series! Can’t wait for Book 2! But also excited to finish The Help.

This week my family is gathering back in Kentucky/Ohio to celebrate my cousin Adam’s wedding. And as of today, to celebrate the life of my Great Uncle Ralph. Wish we could be there to celebrate the both the life of a great man and the start of a new marriage. We miss you guys.

Okay…enough procrastinating….time to get dinner ready (stir fry/pad thai…combo). And then maybe some cleaning! Have a good Wednesday!!!

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