Friday, August 26, 2011

Hyper-Speed and Hunger Games Comments!

Okay…just for fun…I want to give you my Thursday run-down…it was that good!

7:15 Leave house

8:00 Drop Ken off at work

8:20 Post office

8:45-11:30 Meeting (about summer camp)..thankfully included coffee

11:30 (like how that works-travel time?!)-12:50 Lunch meeting

1:00-2:40 Meeting (about winter camp)

2:50 Bank

3:00-3:45 Patients

3:45-4:30 Speed Drive to Boulder to get Jasper

4:30 (again with the overlap)-5:15 Patients

5:30 HOME…Make dinner, clean, paint, yoga…

I didn’t know I could fit that many different things in one day?!

Anyways…I am thrilled that it is Friday! The weekend should be quite an interesting one…more on that part next week. We are going to watch a Stage of the Pro Cycling Challenge in Golden! Sweetness!

And now for my opinions on The Hunger Games Series…

As I have said before, the premise is a little interesting. It starts off with a game in which kids have to kill each other off…If you can get passed that, you will love it.

Book One:


Thanks Millicent for getting me hooked! Loved it. It took me a couple of days to get into it…mostly because of lack of time…but once I did-I couldn’t put it down. When I finished it…I was sad…because I wanted the next one so bad. Read it!

Book 2:


Great! I think it may have been my favorite of the three. I honestly felt addicted to this book. I felt pain when I had to put it down. So I just didn’t.

Book 3:


Followed right along with the first two. My only complaint would have to be the ending. As a friend put it, it was “abrupt.” I feel like a few more words could have eased us into it a little more. Plus, someone we love….dies! Tragic!!! But I won’t say who.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the series as fun fictional reading!

My copy of the first book is currently on a plane heading to Ireland! Maybe it will come back with a Shamrock inside!! Have a blast Lauren and good luck Tim!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend….PS…my knee is still driving me bananas…going to try 3 more miles today and see how it goes!

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