Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GT to IS

I knew I would make it back here someday!

Time for a race review and little bit of life…

Saturday morning Ken, Jasper and I got up nice and early to head up to Georgetown. We met up with Tim and Lauren and headed to the packet pick-up. It was COLD out! I couldn’t believe I was rocking (very un-sexy) sweats and a jacket. Fall is on it’s way for sure…at least in the mountain towns.

As the start of the race drew closer, we did a little warming up and stretching. I ended up losing Lauren, Emily and Cody at the start area so I just jumped in near the 2:00 hour pacer (the other girls are super speedy and since I was running as a training run…I was fine to hang back with the crowd).




The start was slow…like really slow. My pace was well into the 9 minute zone and I was A-okay with that. We jogged around a lake (there were 3100 runners in the race…so it was a bit crowded) and then passed back by the start.



I’m in the middle in the purple and pink…how girly!?



Having a BLAST!

The first 9 miles were fabulous. I was running right around the pace I wanted and everything seemed easy. Around mile 9.5 I realized I was not so bright when I decided not to carry food. I started to bonk…boo! I grabbed water at 3 of the aid stations but that was about it for the morning (the half a Clif bar and half a Honey Stinger shot I had prior to the race were just not cutting it). My pace fell a little and my stomach grumbled, but I was still doing alright.

The race is considered a “downhill course” because there is a 1000 foot net elevation decrease. Really, it was more of a rolling course…up and down. The only part of the course I was not a fan of was the off-camber-ness of the road. By mile 11.5 I had to walk for a second to stretch out my hip. Maybe the fact that I had a 20 mile run 6 days before hampered in that department? I guess that is why this was a “training run.”

Near the finish I heard Ken cheering for me SmileIt made me run a little faster!


I crossed the line at 1:52:48. My goal was 2 hours so I was really happy with the run. Ken and Jasper were there to congratulate me. I did a quick walk through at the finish exhibits and was good to go! The distance was great (felt a little short…maybe because of that 20 miler) but the hills left my quads a little sore.

Lauren, Cody and Emily all had fantastic times! They are total superstars!! Post-race, we headed to Beau Jo’s for some delicious pizza (i.e.-the reason for doing the race!). It was a great day of running!

The rest of the day/week has been spent doing normal things. Work, work, eating, getting back into some running (mile repeats today-barf) and having Ken get back on the bike. Cyclocross season is just around the corner!! I may be more excited than Ken!


This guy thinks it is pretty great too! When he isn’t relaxing!

One highlight of the week….Ken took off Monday and made the trek south with me to visit the IKEA!!!!


Our trip took almost 4 hours (driving, browsing and shopping). I ended up with 2 bookcases and a shelf thingy (it is pretty neato)…oh and some odds and ends. I wanted a couple of floating shelves, but they were out of stock in the color I wanted…alas, we will have to return at some point…wink wink.

I think that is about all of the excitement. I finished The Help last night and loved it. Annnnnddd…picked up Catching Fire and Mockingjay yesterday. Poor Ken may never see me again. Good thing he has bike stuff to play with!

See ya later Smile

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