Friday, August 12, 2011

Great Day for a Pool Party

Howdy and Happy Friday!

Let me start out by saying that Ken and I DID manage to get out of bed at 5:30 yesterday morning and complete our respective workouts! I did at 6 mile run (4 mile progression sandwiched between a mile warm up and cool down). It was a little shorter than I wanted, but time is short on morning workout days. I was pretty excited about the run though! It was the first time it felt GOOD to run in over a week! I will take it! Jasper got to come with me too-he loved it….nice and cool and lots of good morning scents (Coyotes, Prairie dogs, Rabbits, oh my!) .

Ken did some Cyclocross drills and had an exciting outcome. He went into a barrier too slow and caught the back part of the bike on it…over the bars he went. He seemed a little excited with the sore shoulder and abrasions over his knuckles and elbow. I think he is a nut!

After working out, I worked for 10 hours. Quite a long day and I was beyond happy when it was over. No wonder my body decides to shut down! I was especially exited about the delicious tacos we made (not so much about the extra hour of work I did on the couch after eating them).

Today I am working 8-4, going for a 2-3 mile easy run, going home to change clothes and heading to a youth group pool party with my husband! We are excited to hang out with our buddies before they head back to school next week. The only tough part is that the party is from 6-8 and we have to get up super early for my race tomorrow.

Georgetown to Idaho Springs!



I am both excited and nervous all at the same time! I have never done a half marathon…I know I can run the distance…but races still give me the jitters. It will be fun because I know a couple (Lauren and Emily) of ladies doing the race too…but they are super speedy and I am not even running race pace….See you at the start and finish!

Mostly, I am excited for the pizza  Winking smile

Possibly going to Ikea on Monday…what more could a girl ask for?!

Cant wait to share about the race!!!!!

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