Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morning Run

After I had a special day yesterday (left my computer at home, had a weird day with patients, missed my boys like crazy…ate very random things for dinner…in 4 different courses), today started out much better.

I managed to drag my behind out of bed and hit the ground running! Somehow, at 6:30, it was already hot out and I ended up looking like I took a shower while running. Yum! I did a half mile warm up, 6.2 miles at marathon pace (which I did at 8:25ish paces…although I feel like I won’t manage to keep that throughout the whole race…dream big!) and then a half mile cool down. There was no cool in it, but I ran easier.

When I got home, I literally had to hop in the shower before I even returned Ken’s call. I didn’t want to hold my phone up next to my sweaty face. Gross!

I am so glad I got the run done…it is SO HOT outside with lightning storms predicted for this afternoon. I should do that more often!

Since being at work, everything has been chaos. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little. So far, my patients have been fine…but this whole planning a trip to California for 80+ students is INSANE! I have literally been emailing, on the phone or jotting down notes all morning. The lady at Enterprise is NOT my friend…I couldn’t believe how rude she was…customer service, my butt!

On a different and completely awesome note….I get to see these guys tomorrow night…


WHAT?! The guys had a change of heart and decided they didn’t want to spend another 2 days driving…so they are coming back early and I get to see my boys before I leave!!! (I simply think Ken couldn’t go without seeing me for that long…bahahaha-that’s my story!). To say I am beside myself would be an understatement. I am actually counting down hours!

Alright, back to calculating, treating and meal planning (and day dreaming of being reunited with the loves of my life). Good thing I like to multi-task!

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