Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worth a thousand words…and then some

Here are the pictures I promised….



Second place baby! With the second fastest time overall! Way to go Ken!!


Jasper pretending HE won the race….

008Terrible views on the way home…



A very sleepy Vizsla!


And that was our Saturday in a nutshell. Sunday I forgot I owned a camera.

Yesterday I was a slacker and left work early. I had things to do and the day was slow, so I peaced out around 2:20. This worked well because I got to run all my errands and pick up Jasper before heading home to do some cleaning and dinner prep.

Ken rode his bike home and then went straight to work on the backyard. He LOVES his new lawnmower. I do believe he called it his sweetheart? Jealous much? The yard looks beautiful! So nice and green!

Just as he finished up, I pulled the Mahi Mahi off the grill. Um…delish! When we finished eating, we rode our bikes up to the lake with Jasper so he could go swimming. My legs were still pretty tired and the spinning really seemed to help that. Jasper enjoyed his splash time and I enjoyed hanging out with my husband!

At home, I did some dishes and made dessert smoothies before we settled onto the couch for The Voice….for some reason, we are enamored by that show! I also did about half an hour of muscle work on Ken’s legs…poor kid *wink wink.*

Today is filled with work…as usual…followed by an hour of hilly running for me and Jaspy (I’m tired just thinking about it!) and some short track racing for Ken…and Colin! Gonna be a fun night!!

On a fun side note…I have some decorating projects that I am hoping to start this week!

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