Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A whole lot of days

Well hi there! I am back from my self imposed tech downtime.

Let’s just hit the highlights, shall we?

First off…how cute are these guys?! They live by my office…I want to take one home.



Friday-Whistled while I worked…and even had an open house until about 8:30. It was a LONG Friday! But Ken came and bought me FroYo so all was right in the world.

Saturday-No races, No trip to Golden…What?! While I LOVE races almost as much as our play dates on Saturdays…this day was a pure gift! I cannot tell you how many times I looked at Ken and just thanked him for hanging out with me and doing everything I wanted to do! We woke up and Ken made steak, red bell pepper and mushroom omelets. Mmmm Mmmm good! After scarfing down breakfast, he agreed to go Garage Sale-ing with me!

We had a blast traveling to several (6ish?) different sales! It was so fun!!! Even Jasper got into the spirit. Mid-way through the sales, we grabbed a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino to share while we watched Jasper swim in the lake. It was GORGEOUS outside. Absolutely PERFECT.

Look at the fun stuff we scored…


Flour sifter-$1, Stainless Bowls-$3, Gas Can-$5 (not pictured), Giant Monkey for Jasper-$0.50, Small Teddy Bear-FREE. Spending the morning with my 2 favorite boys-PRICELESS!

When we got home, we were both in the mood to get stuff done. The weather was so nice that I just HAD to be outside. As Ken worked on cleaning up the garage, I trimmed both of our trees. I filled 3 giant black garbage bags!! It was awesome!

Around 5ish we decided it was time to workout so Ken headed out on his bike and I set out for my 6 mile run. We were both nice and tired when we finished. Nothing like a good workout to end the day! We also watched “Just Go with It,” pretty cute movie. I even stayed awake the entire time!

Sunday-We did the church thing in the morning and then headed for the mountains! Ken did a huge ride-Super Walker…while Jasper and I just wandered around Walker Ranch. Nothing says rest day like a 4 mile hike..wink wink.



When Jasper and I picked up Ken, he was nice and tired-just the way I like him! hehe! We decided to use our coupons from Teva Games and hit up Chipotle for free burritos! Delish!!

After spending a little time on the couch, we ventured to Sears, Costco and King Soopers. What a busy Sunday! Don’t worry-the rest of the evening was spent being extra lazy!

Monday-The weather was super yucky! Rain…cold…wind! Boo!! Jasper and I had plans to meet up with friends for a hike, but we postponed it until a less icky day!

Per usual-Monday was nutso. I got a TON of stuff done around the house, which always makes me happy. Did a couple of projects…spray paint, anyone? Will post pictures soon…I told Ken I am in the “nesting” mood-aka-our house needs some decorating!

My run…now is where it gets interesting. I was scheduled to do a track workout. I was dreading it all day, but Ken gave me an extra boost and I managed to throw on running clothes and get myself out the door. I did my 1 mile warm up on the way to the track…only to find out that the track is locked for the summer! BOOOO!

What was a girl to do? I didn’t want to do another mile home, then drive somewhere…then workout….so I did my Wednesday Progression run instead. (It was supposed to include a 1 mile warm up and cool down, but I didn’t see that when I glanced at my track workout….so I failed to get the extra 2 miles in. Sad face. The run was tough. The wind made me feel like holding any kind of pace was impossible…but eventually I was done and felt accomplished. (And then I felt guilty about the extra 2 miles…lost forever!)

When Ken got home…we ate…at 5. Yes, we are 93 years old-don’t judge me. The impressive part was that we continued to get things done around the house instead of being swallowed whole by the couch. I was proud of us!

Now….work work work! Happy Tuesday…excitement coming tomorrow-it includes a BONUS workout! See you then!

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