Tuesday, June 14, 2011

oh Summertime

*Note-I somehow spaced grabbing my camera…and computer cord…this morning…so no pictures-but I have some great ones to share with you!

Alas, a picture-less weekend recap:

Saturday: Tim decided Friday night that he wasn’t feeling the Winter Park Hill Climb…something about lack of sleep because of the new pup…or maybe the garden calling his name. wink wink. While we missed hanging out with them, we got to hang out with Errin and Colin! It kind of seems like it had been FOREVER! We ventured to their place around 6:40-nice an early! Gotta love race mornings. Everyone piled in to Colin’s truck…and Jasper decided he was going to spend the entire trip cuddling with Errin. Yup-I became chopped liver.

We arrived up there in time for Ken to register and for the guys to warm up. Errin and I were ready to go in our running clothes. After spending some time getting things together-Errin, Jasper and I headed up the mountain. Our “run” turned into more of a run/hike because the course was pretty steep and that darn altitude is killer.

We got to cheer for Ken and Colin as they raced up the climb. About 3 miles up, I turned around and ran down with Jasper. It was surprising to me how many races commented on how pretty Jasper is…or talked to him…don’t you need that oxygen?! We were later told by a rider (in a funny way) that we were distracting. Yeah well! We ended up with about 7.5 miles and went to meet up with our group. My schedule was for 15 miles, but I didn’t have time to do it up there.

Ken finished 2nd in the Pro race! Super awesome!! And Colin finished 6th in the Sport race. Also super awesome! We ate some lunch as we waited for the award ceremony and then headed home.

When we reached E and C’s I decided to make up the rest of my 15 miles by running home. It was soooo hot! I am pretty sure I lost 5 pounds of water in the form of sweat. Ken met me at the door and immediately gave me a glass of cold water-he is the best! *Note to self…no capris when it is 75+ degrees!

Sunday: After Church Ken, Jasper and I ventured down to Golden to celebrate Tim’s birthday. The guys went out for a Mountain Bike ride and the girls plus Lee minus me went for a trail run. Due to my legs being shot from the 15 miles the day before, I stayed and watched Food, Inc. I never want to eat anything…again. Okay, so we know that isn’t true, but it sure made me think about what we eat!

We had a blast hanging out and BBQing and watching all the dogs go bananas. Such a fun afternoon-made complete with a carrot birthday cake! By the time we got home it was almost time for bed!

Monday: Crazy busy day as always! Spent time cleaning, weeding, meeting with awesome people, running errands, more cleaning and then running. Oh the running. I had a tough workout that I managed to put off until I should have been cooking dinner. Luckily Ken cooked while I ran my brains out. I did 5 1/2 by 1 mile repeats with 2 minutes of rest between (And a 1 mile warm up and cool down). I ended with 8.5 miles and again it was the heat that was killer. Remember when I said I yearned for the heat…I may be slightly over it. I really need to start running before work! It was awesome coming home to a cooked meal! Ken-you are awesome!! We had a super cool lightning storm but Jasper wouldn’t agree with me-he hated it. Oh and Ken got a new lawnmower…good times!

Today: Forgot my computer cord….so it is going to die soon. Have about an hour of cross training to do later…gonna take the dog to the lake….Meetings, work…the normal excitement.

Have a great Tuesday…pictures to come!

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