Friday, June 10, 2011

Forecast: Perfection

It is honestly the perfect weather day here! About 73 degrees, sunny, light breeze….If I had to ask for a perfect day, this is what it would ask for.

And guess where I am….in my office Winking smile At least I have a nice big window so I can look longingly out at the beauty.

I have a super funny story for you…but first let’s talk about last night. We met with our youth group kiddos for an evening of fun and play. Games of Ninja, Sardines….and something with a fish and egg…gross! It was a blast hanging out with everyone and just relaxing. They really seemed to enjoy it as well. So did Ken and Jasper….


Love those boys! The only negative side of the evening? Getting home around 10-again! Three nights in a row? Who are we??!!

This morning we decided to sleep in a little. Ken is working from home for the day and since I didn’t' have any early patients, we played a little hookie. We didn’t get up until about 7 and when we did I made some crepes. It was my first time…and they were so good! They had Nutella, raspberries, blackberries and banana inside. Amazing! I could probably eat them! Ken was a rock star and did the dishes that had been hanging out in the sink while I cooked.

I hopped in the shower and got ready for work as Ken headed to the “office.” Apparently he has a lot of projects he has to get done today…bummer-he can’t be out in the gorgeous weather either. My quiet day at my office has become busier! Love that…plus I am trying to get everything together for Middle School camp next week. Busy, busy day for me!!

Okay…so… funny story. Ken’s alarm on his phone went off at about 6:30 this morning. Mine had gone off a little earlier, so I was already pretty awake. After he turned it off, he rolled over and handed me the lotion that hangs out on his night stand. I was very confused and asked him what he wanted me to do with it?! He looked at the lotion and told me that he was still in “a haze,” rolled over and fell back to sleep. What?! Once he was fully awake I reminded him of these events and he has only the vaguest memory of the happenings. Weird!

After work today I am returning a comforter set that I ordered from Macy*s. It looked so promising on-line and so did the price ($60 for a $200 set). Unfortunately, when I opened it…the quality was pretty crumby. Sad! After I return it, I am going to venture to Home Goods to see what they have in the way of summertime comforters.

I also get to go for a nice easy 4 mile run with Jaspy tonight! We are warming up for our 15 tomorrow. Ken, Tim and Colin are racing the Winter Park Hill Climb in the morning, so the 15 miles get to be at altitude…fun, yeah? Thankfully I will have company for part of it…

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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