Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foot Pads

Happy Almost Friday! Yay for that!

For some reason I am beyond tired today…as in…functioning on a sub-normal level. Things are taking about 4 times as long as they should…but alas, it is summer and it is Thursday…so I am just going to roll with it.

First off, yesterday I got to go for an hour long run in 90 degrees and it was all hills. Jasper and I literally ran up a hill, down…ran to another hill, up and down and then the final third hill…up and down. I struggled…a lot. My pace pretty much stunk because it was just THAT hot. Miserable. I so need to wake up early and run. Jasper was not the biggest fan of the heat, but luckily there were creeks all around and he got to hop in and cool off. Lucky dog.

After our torture fest run was completed, we headed over to the short track course to hang out for the rest of the evening. Colin raced at 5:40 and did well. The course looked pretty tough….and it was!


Jasper and I got to hang out with Gayle as we cheered for Colin in the heat.

After C’s race, we had a little time to kill so Jaz and I wandered around and sought shade. Colin stuck around to watch Ken’s race so we had someone to chat with….always a bonus!


Just before the Men’s A race….Tim, Lauren, Judy (L’s Mom), Moki and Pancho showed up. Cutting it a little close, Tim raced to the starting line and hopped on the end. The start was terrible for our 2 favorite riders. Apparently the guy sending them off was so quiet that Tim didn’t even hear him. That’s never good.

About a lap into the race, Ken went down. Bummer. We didn’t get to see it, but I guess a guy ran him up onto a hill and he high sided. Boo! He ended up close to last but somehow (because he is amazing!) he managed to pass tons of guys. The standings are not up yet, but I am thinking top10 or 12? He blows my mind.

Needless to say, after the race he was done! He had lost his water bottle in the crash and luckily one of his teammates that was watching handed him one. Sweet, no? I couldn’t even bring myself to yell anything mean! He did good! Tim did awesome as well and ended up taking 3rd after fighting his way through a lot of guys. Exciting night in sports!




Due to the fact that we were all STARVING…we returned to the beloved Buddah Thai restaurant. It was so fun chatting with Judy and hearing about the happenings back in SoCal! Totally love all of the “small world” connections!! It was a blast.

This morning I had the pleasure of not having to go to work. It was pretty much a gift. I got to make Ken pancakes, clean my kitchen, start a little painting project and run in the HEAT. Let’s talk about the run for a second….

Jasper and I started out at a turtle’s pace. I immediately noticed that he was limping or walking funny or just doing something weird. I figured he would shake it off or something, but about a half of a mile in, he was still acting strange. Maybe his paws were burning on the griddle concrete? Whatever it was, I decided he was not going to make it the full four miles so I dropped him off at home after one. He was not so thrilled that I left him, but I think his foot pads were thankful.017

The rest of the run was fine…hot and my legs felt like lead, but I made it. Jasper was very welcoming when I got home. I think he felt cheated on….better take him to the lake to swim this weekend.

The rest of the day included work…some errands…work….and a delicious steak taco dinner. Ken did ridiculous hill repeats on Flagstaff again and iced himself by chillin in the creek for awhile.

Nice relaxing Thursday!

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