Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Awesome Weekend (Part 1)

Howdy! I have finally returned to the blog world after a ridiculously wonderful weekend away.

As mentioned earlier, this weekend we headed up to Vail for the Teva Mountain Games. I knew that it was going to be crazy awesome, but I didn’t realize that it would exceed all my expectations! It was phenomenal! Really. I already cannot wait until next year.

Friday: After leaving work early, Ken and I went home and packed everything up to leave. I love having a big truck that can fit everything my heart desires! We ventured down to Golden around 2:30 to pick up Tim, Lauren, Moki and Emily. We got everything arranged and hooked up to the GO trailer before getting ourselves out.of.town. It was a little tight in the back with 3 ladies and 2 dogs, but we totally made it work and 2 hours later-we were in VAIL!

We stopped by to pick up registration packets and then drove the gnarly road up to a spectacular camping area.

teva 001teva 002teva 003teva 004teva 005teva 008teva 006

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous view? Amazing!

Once camp was set up, the ladies began working on dinner. We had whole wheat pasta with pesto, fish, bell peppers and goat cheese (Lauren cooks with style when camping!). It was delish! We all sat around the camp fire and enjoyed the amazing meal and fun conversations.

Sleeping was a little chilly-but no where NEAR as cold as Fruita!

Saturday morning we awoke to chilly weather and Tim quickly got a fire started. The guys’ race was not until 11:45 so we had lots of time to get things going. Bagel and egg sandwiches were on the menu for breakfast….yum!

Once the guys got all of their bike stuff together and the girls packed up their necessities for the day, we headed down to the venue. And what a venue it was! Think tons of booths with awesome stuff being given away. Honestly, it was like a giant party ALL DAY LONG. While the guys went to warm up, Lauren, Emily, Jasper, Moki and I wandered around and explored anything and everything. Eventually we made it up to the start of the Mountain Bike race, but right next to it was dock dog jumping! We watched as dogs made the leap out to retrieve their toys. It was SWEET! Some of the dogs seemed to love it, others refused to jump in.

At 11:45 the guys were off and running riding! The course was pretty brutal and it was H.O.T out! So hot!! Each time they passed, their faces seemed to be a new shade of red. We did our best handing water bottles and pouring water on our favorite riders!

teva 009

teva 010

The handoff…

teva 015

Our hot dogs….they were happy for water too!

teva 017

Are we done yet?

teva 016


teva 019

On the go shower…

teva 025

Oops…other side!

teva 027

Almost there….

teva 029

Thank goodness that is over!

teva 033

Time to cool off…brrrr!

teva 034

It’s okay, it is so cold that I cant feel anything anymore!

teva 037

We would later find out that Tim took 19th and Ken took 21st. We were very proud of our hardworking racers! (Ken’s first pro-race!). The guys were super tired afterwards….I wonder why??

After the race was over, we headed back to the truck so the guys could change out of their wet spandex (great combo, huh?). While they changed, Lauren and Emily got set for the Mud Run that they were doing and I went out for about 2.5 miles of pre-race running-hello altitude! I think I lost my lungs!

I finished just in time to spectate their lovely messy run-I was happy in my clean clothes…they are much tougher than me! They did great and managed to stay mostly clean.

Post-mud run we set out in search of a pizza. We were all STARVING at that point! We took it to go and sat in the grass watching some kayaking/fly fishing. This event really had everything!

mmmmm….so good!

teva 038

Happy pupster…

teva 040

My family Smileteva 041

Once we were venue-d out for the evening, we drove back to camp. Because the girls were racing in the morning, the guys said they would take care of dinner. They did “okay” getting stuff together (we helped a little). Elk burgers, Annie’s Mac and Cheese and some cookies for dessert. Mmmm Mmmm good!

Jasper was so tired from his two days of CRAZINESS that he put himself to sleep in the tent. That was our cue to hit the hay!

Sunday…to follow a little later!

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