Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi there and Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Mine was just peachy. We had a ton going on and it was all great.

Let’s start with Friday. Ken left work early and dropped Jasper off at my office before taking his bike out for a nice workout and riding home. When Jaz and I finished, we headed home to meet Ken and I grabbed my mountain bike. The 3 of us rode up to the lake and Jasper got to take advantage of the warm-ish weather and go for a swim. He was too funny and carried a giant log/stick/tree around. I don’t think I could lift it and here he was carrying it in his mouth. Spaz.

When we got home, I started putting things together for taco night. Our friend Laura came over for dinner (and brought the most beautiful Orchid). We had a wonderful time eating, sipping on some margaritas and chit chatting away.

Saturday was our day to sleep in….and we did! We did not get up until 7:20!! I know! So late..wink wink! We started the day out with Swedish pancakes and lounged around for a little while. True to my previous post, I shampooed all of the carpets in the house. It feels so clean now. Yay!! It was a great workout too!

Around noon, the 3 of us embarked on a journey down to Columbine to pick up a soft top for the bed of the truck…I will take a picture at some point! On the way home we stopped at our final graduation party of the season…and there may have been 2 Alpacas gracing the yard. Cool huh? We ended the evening by renting a movie…Little Fockers. It was cute, but I was writing a lesson so I think I missed a lot of it. Boo. I was exhausted when we fell into bed…at about 9…I am a wuss!

Sunday was bananas! In a good way…First off, the alarm went off at 5:30. Luckily, it is pretty easy to get up on race mornings. After a nice egg sandwich breakfast, Ken and I headed over to E and C’s to meet up before the boys race. It was quite chilly and I was happy that I took an extra jacket. Errin, Gayle and I made the trek to the top of “the Wall.” A nice, steep hill that would prove to be the toughest portion of the course. We got to cheer for the guys as they made their way over the climb…they made that climb 4 times…yikes! It was a 13 mile course that they did 3 laps on. Fun, huh?

They started racing at 8:03ish and I had to leave at 10 (to be to church to teach on time). Now…the catch was…the car was about 2.5ish miles away. I knew this would be the case and wore my running clothes so I could get my workout in for the day (I am a thinker..hehe) BUT my workout was supposed to be easy (since I was racing the next day). Well-after seeing Ken dominate the climb the last time (he finished second overall-because he didn’t know there was a guy off the front) I made a mad dash for the car. Easy turned into sprint (and I was still 7 minutes late!)..but seeing him finish=priceless!







Go Colin Go!



011YAY KEN!!!!

After teaching at church (which was great) I picked Ken up and we went home. We got to eat (I was STARVING) and hang out a little bit. We decided we would go see Fast Five. It was pretty good. I would have preferred more cars and less fighting, but I enjoyed it…the best part-I took smoothies in Tupperware. Total rebels! For dinner we grilled up some chicken and had some left over pasta. Easy Peasy!!

Monday morning was even earlier! My alarm went off at 4:30 in order for me to get up and eat in preparation for my race. We headed into Boulder about 5:45 which gave me plenty of time to warm up. I ran the Bolder Boulder 10k! It was a BLAST. Foggy and a little drizzly, but warm enough for me to wish I had worn shorts and not capris. There were about 53,000+ people running/jogging/walking the race. It was HUGE.





So many people!!






photo(9)Are we done yet?

I really enjoyed the race. There were a TON of people…which made it hard to pass. There were some hills….which my legs were not fond of at mile 6! And it was all one great big party!! Music, food, slip and slides…all along the race course! Ken and Jasper were there to cheer me on and I LOVED having them there! They are the best….they were at mile 6 when I was hating the hill!! Thanks boys!!! I finished in 49:53 (I was aiming for under 49:00, but with the obstacles, I was happy with this). It was good enough for 4,175th place. Haha! Wow! The expo was a blast and by the time we got back to the car, we were all exhausted!


Cool isn’t he?!

This led to “nap time” when we got home. Although, I didn’t actually sleep-but laying there felt great! After getting up and getting some lunch, Ken and I ran some errands and he even took me to Red Mango for some FroYo!!!! Tasty!! The rest of the day was spent lounging/working around the house and yard…and trying not to get blown away! We ended the weekend by watching Morning Glory…it was really cute! What a great way to end the weekend.

Hope you all had a blast!

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